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Emancipation Project liberating minors from abuse.

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1 Emancipation Project liberating minors from abuse

2 Imagine... Waking up in the middle of the night, only to find two strangers standing over you.

3 Imagine... Screaming for your parents, but no one answers your call for help. Your parents have been told to remain silent and out of sight no matter what they hear.

4 Imagine... Being shown handcuffs and being told “we can do this the hard way if you choose to resist.”

5 Imagine... Being forcibly removed from your home and locked in the back of a waiting vehicle which will take you to an unknown location as you await an unknown fate.

6 Imagine... Being driven by your abductors to a remote location which is hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of miles from your home.

7 This is a reality... For thousands of juveniles who are abducted and transported across state lines by “escort services” hired by parents who want their child to disappear.

8 Legal Issues Thomas F. Coleman, J.D. discusses legal issues involved in the abduction and transportation of minors. -- child abuse laws -- anti-trafficking laws -- kidnapping laws -- conspiracy laws

9 Psychological Issues Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D. discusses psychological issues involved in the abduction and transportation of minors. -- immediate terror -- parental abandonment -- trauma induced guilt -- post traumatic stress

10 You arrive at the facility... frightened – confused - disoriented

11 You are stripped of all rights... No privacy No speaking No radio or t.v. No newspapers No telephone calls No personal clothes No visits by relatives No control of anything

12 Parents surrender control... Parents agree to -- no visits for months -- no calls for months -- no letters for weeks -- authorize restraints -- authorize isolation -- authorize transfer to foreign facility if child resists the program -- hold facility free from liability for any harm

13 Complaints of abuse are ignored No professional staff = no mandatory reports No state licensing = no surprise inspections

14 Complaints of abuse are ignored No outside contact = abuse is insider secret Remote location = travel costs are huge

15 Complaints of abuse are ignored Small community = facility “owns” town Political donations = officials pretend ignorance

16 Types of Abuse Involuntary confinement of non-delinquents Forced silence within the facility Total isolation from relatives and friends Forced physical labor to maintain the facility Dangerous restraints by untrained staff Contaminated food and water, fire hazards Psychological brainwashing and torture

17 Types of Neglect Medical Neglect t -- lack of licensed nursing staff -- delayed diagnosis and treatment -- dispensing controlled drugs by unlicensed staff Psychological Neglect t -- failure to consult previous therapists -- failure to diagnose mental illness and conditions -- failure to accommodate disabilities -- failure to provide client treatment and staff training Educational Deprivation n -- lack of credentialed teachers -- no classroom lectures or group discussions

18 Intervention & Protection Implement Current Laws Individual Rescues -- Investigation by CPS -- Prosecution by D.A.’s -- Lawsuits by relatives -- Political action and media Whistle Blower Reports -- Advocacy group efforts -- Help from former staffers -- Affidavits from survivors -- Corroboration from parents -- Opinions of experts Litigation -- Lawsuits by defrauded parents -- Lawsuits by victimized minors Pass New Legislation State Legislatures -- Require licensing of facilities -- Require background checks -- Adequate agency funding -- Strengthen abuse laws Congress -- Safeguard basic human rights -- Regulate interstate transportation -- Mandatory facility reporting Judicial Education -- Stop placements of minors in unlicensed facilities -- Hold seminars for juvenile court judges and attorneys

19 Post-Trauma Relief Reporting Abuse to Police -- filing report of any abuse by facilities -- filing reports of any parental abuse -- prerequisite to Victims of Crime Funds Getting Therapy -- suppressed feelings and memories -- post traumatic stress disorder -- substance abuse & depression Participating in Support Groups for Survivors Becoming an Advocate for Reform

20 What... can you do? will you do?

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