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U.S. Coast Guard Sector Columbia River Incident Management Division.

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1 U.S. Coast Guard Sector Columbia River Incident Management Division

2 Area of Responsibility

3 TYPICAL CASES: Mystery sheens Sunken vessels Grounded vessels Mystery drums Facility discharges and releases Vessel discharges and releases Exercises Derelict vessels Japan Tsunami marine debris Marine Environmental Response The 16-person Incident Management Division at Sector Columbia River responds to all pollution threats along the Columbia River, and the coastlines and navigable waters of Oregon and southern Washington state.

4 Sector Columbia River IMD numbers Sector Columbia River issued 6 Letters of Warning (25 so far in 2013) and 5 Notice of Violations (17 to date) since the last RRT in July. Good news: there have been no Class I civil or criminal penalties so far in 2013. JULY 2013-present: 69 NRC reports 12 Mystery sheens 3 Sunken vessels 3 Grounded vessels 3 Mystery drums 3 Facility discharges/releases 5 Vessel discharges/releases 7 Exercises 3 Derelict vessels 1 report Tsunami debris Total year to date, 2013: 297 NRC reports 72 Mystery sheens 5 Sunken vessels 10 Grounded vessels 15 Mystery drums 8 Facility discharges/releases 20 Vessel discharges/releases 30 Exercises 10 Derelict vessels 4 reports Tsunami debris

5 ‘Mystery sheen’ in Hammond, Or. Summary 0850, 23 Oct, 2013: SCR IMD notified of 150’ x 30’ sheen in Hammond Marina. IMD took diesel samples from the water and a pleasure craft. While on scene, IMD observed another small sheen near a charter fishing boat. While aboard, IMD observed the bilge pump discharge. Samples currently being tested; LOWs and NOVs could result.

6 M/V GRANBY sinks in Longview, WA Summary 0730, Aug. 27, 2013: IMD received report via NRC and Fisher Island Marina owner of the sunken 75-foot M/V GRANBY with a reported 600 gallons of diesel fuel aboard. A multi-agency response, quick work by contractors and a ‘responsible party’ on the ball avert a larger discharge. Less than 100 gallons released; small sheens burn off on a sunny day.

7 S/V PATIENCE runs aground, Newport Summary 0028, Jul. 23, 2013: Two people onboard a 50-foot sailing vessel report running aground with less than 50 gallons of diesel aboard. The two swam ashore, hoping to await high tide to re-float the vessel. Owner claims his chart plotter broke. Two IMD pollution investigators monitor a salvage plan as owner removes all fuel and pollution threat is thwarted.

8 S/V OUR GANG aground, Ilwaco, WA Summary 0020, Aug. 20, 2013: Two people onboard a 30-foot sailing vessel report running aground on Sand Island, near Ilwaco, Wa., with “amount of fuel,” says master to US Army Corps of Engineers. S/V has no radio, lights; IMD pollution investigators determine no fuel aboard and no threat to nearby wildlife. Salvage plan approved and vessel safely removed.

9 F/V ANDRIANA, Grays Harbor, WA Summary 0600, Sept. 6, 2013: Three crew members aboard 44-foot F/V ANDRIANA are allegedly asleep as vessel runs hard aground on the beach ½ mile south of the Westport jetty in Grays Harbor, Wa. A multi-agency response supervises master’s successful attempt to re- float the vessel at high tide later that day; spill of 1,200 gallons of diesel prevented. Entire IMD works salvage plan.

10 Sause Brothers Exercise, Coos Bay Summary 0600, Nov. 7, 2013: Sause Brothers stands up an Incident Command for a potential 220,000- gallon threat from a disabled barge near its’ Coos Bay facility. CG, DEQ On-Scene Coordinators practice with a skilled and ready ICS structure in which response assets are identified in the area. Take away: solid drill, updated GRP needed!

11 Japan Tsunami Marine Debris Summary 1110, Nov. 9, 2013: The Shoalwater Bay Tribal Environmental Program reported a hull with Japanese writing had come ashore near North Cove in Willapa Bay, Wa. The debris is a half of a small white skiff and the only report of tsunami debris in the Sector Columbia River area of responsibility since July.

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