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Vernon Wayne Howell & The Waco Massacre

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1 Vernon Wayne Howell & The Waco Massacre
By: Justin Forrester


3 His Life born in Houston, Texas on August 17, 1959
His mother, Bonnie Sue Clark, had him when she was 14 and she was a single mother. After that Bonnie began seeing a violent alcoholic and sent Vernon at age 4 to be raised with his maternal grandmother Earline Clark. At age 7 his mother returned with her husband Roy Haldeman.

4 His Life When he was 20, Howell turned to the Church of Seventh Day Adventists, which was his mother's church. But he was expelled for being a bad influence on the young people, and for telling the pastor that God wanted him to have his daughter as his wife. After being kicked out of the church, he went to Hollywood to become a rock star but it never took off. In 1981 he went to Waco, Texas where he joined the Branch Davidians

5 Late Night Conversations
During the siege he talked to FBI agents at night and said his childhood was lonely. He said the other kids teased him and called him "Vernie." He was dyslexic, but learned how to write phonetically. He eventually dropped out of Garland High School his junior year. He did have musical ability and a strong interest in the Bible. By 12, he had memorized large tracts of the bible and started lecturing other kids.

6 The Branch Message The prime objective of The Branch Message is to uplift, magnify and vindicate the Only-Begotten Son, Yahshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ). It is based off of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Which believes in the “Second Coming” of Jesus Christ and the end of the world in a fiery apocalypse

7 Branch Davidians Located in Waco, at the Mt. Carmel compound, founded by Benjamin Lloyd Roden and Lois Irene Scott Roden in 1955. Occurring after the unexpected passing of the Shepherd’s Rod “Davidian” Victor T. Houteff on February 5th 1955 Vernon Howell became leader in 1990 after a power struggle began between Howell and Lois Roden's son George.

8 Rise To Power George Roden and Vernon Howell were fighting over who will become leader. 1985 Howell leaves the commune and settles in Palestine, Texas, where he is joined by Branch Davidians who had been run off of Mt. Carmel compound at gunpoint by Roden. They stay there. for nearly 2 years, living in cardboard and plywood shacks until late 1987 when conflict arises. Late 1987, Roden digs up the body of a member, Anna Hughes, and issueing a challenge to Howell: the one who could raise her from the dead is the one to lead the community.

9 Rise to Power Vernon tells police to charge him for abusing a corpse but nothing happens. November 3, Howell returns to the Mt. Carmel compound with seven male followers, all dressed in camouflage and bearing assault rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns, and ammunition. The two groups engage in a gunfight; during the exchange, Roden is shot in the chest and hands. The trial would result in Koresh and his followers walking from the courtroom as free men.

10 Rise To Power Roden however, is evicted from the compound, but still was considered the leader. 1989 George is put into mental hospital for the plea of insanity over a murder, until his death in 1998 by trying to escape from Big Springs. 1990 Vernon Howell is now the leader of the Branch Dravidians and changes his name.

11 A New Man David Koresh is what he changes his name to
The court document said that the change was "for publicity and business purposes." He said the switch arose from his belief that he was now head of the biblical House of David. Koresh is a Hebrew transliteration of Cyrus, the name of the Persian king who allowed the Jews held captive in Babylon to return to Israel.

12 Waco Massacre Claimed he was sent by god and wanted to combine rock and roll with religion. Had multiple wives some being as old as 10 years old. Total was 19 women and he fathered 12 children. Changed to compound name to Ranch Apocalypse. Had total build up of 11 tons of firepower

13 Waco Massacre Koresh claimed to have unlocked the Seven Seals within the Book of Revelation. The Seven Seals are supposed to portend events leading to the apocalypse. Was 50 days long and 76 men women and children died. Was building “Army of God” to await the second coming of Jesus Christ His prophecy was that a great apocalyptic battle with Babylon was coming and there would be destruction and fire and deaths. 

14 Waco Massacre The FBI did multiple things to disrupt and force him to give up such as: 1-Bright lights to disrupt sleep 2-Loud Music and chants 3- cut phone lines 4- cut power multiple times

15 Waco Massacre Sunday February , FBI attempts to execute arrest of David Koresh for sexual abuse. Also was concerned about the weapon build up on compound. Gunfire erupts and 4 agents killed and 16 wounded. Byron Sage is chief negotiator.

16 Waco Massacre March 2- Koresh says upon national broadcast of his audio tape of his religious teaching he will surrender 1:30 tape is broadcasted 5:58 Koresh says god spoke to him and said to wait until Passover. (April 5) President Clinton deploys military vehicles for safety purposes.

17 Waco Massacre April 5- nothing happens and Koresh refuses to confirm exit date Janet Reno (attorney general) proposes tear gas plan. April 18- Reno tells Clinton the tear gas plan and gets ready to invade. Children on compound hold signs in windows saying “ Flames Await”

18 Waco Massacre April 19 5:59 compound notified of violent assault and is to come out 6:02 tear gas begins to be sprayed 6:04 Davidians start shooting 6:31 entire building is gassed 7:30 breach front side door on 1st floor 11:00 Reno tells Clinton everything is going fine

19 Waco Massacre 11:45 wall on rear side collapses
12:07 Davadians simultaneously start fires 12:12 Call to Koresh to lead them to safety 12:25 Davidians start killing themselves. 12:41 fire fighting efforts begin Koresh is said to be shot in head by his right hand man, who in turn killed himself.



22 Links explosion-factory.htm's_Warfare_Against_True_Branch_Davidians_Doug_Mitchell #a1

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