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Format Cover Letters. Purpose Introduce yourself and your résumé Indicate which job position for which you are applying Provide information not otherwise.

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1 Format Cover Letters

2 Purpose Introduce yourself and your résumé Indicate which job position for which you are applying Provide information not otherwise included on résumé Reason for making a job change Add personal information Intention to relocate

3 Heading: Contact Information Date Recipient's address Salutation: Dear [specific name]: note : not, or ; Paragraphs are single spaced, left justified. One space between paragraphs. Space Closing: Sincerely,

4 Format Directions List contact information first Not extremely large, but easy to contact you Space down 2-3 lines Today’s date Space down 2 lines Type inside address – address of person letter is being mailed to Space down 2 lines Formal salutation -- Dear Mr. Singh: Must be a colon [:], not a comma Business etiquette states subsequent follow up letters can use a comma

5 Opening paragraph Get the reader’s attention State why you’re writing Drop a name of someone within the company who referred you After speaking with Joe Schmo about the positive work environment he enjoys, I was excited to hear that you currently have a job opening for a mechanic. As a recent graduate of UTI Automotive School, my training can help fill your company’s needs. Quote a relevant article I was interested to read in Business Monthly that your company plans to expand its current operations to Vietnam and China. With seven years of experience launching production plants, I can help make this important venture successful for you.

6 Opening Paragraph, Con’t Quote a recent industry statistic Health care workers are in the shortest supply since the 1950s, according to a recent article in Health Careers. If you are experiencing this shortage at County General, I believe you will be interested in my qualifications as a surgical technician and my strong desire to join your team. Quote the contact directly “Companies succeed by hiring the right people– people who want to make a difference, not just do a job.” When I read this statement in your interview in the Chicago Tribune, I knew that General Widget was a great fit for my energy and passion as well as my skills as a machinist. Lead with your most relevant success Under my leadership at Sales & Marketing VP for MoneyMakers, we grew market share from 10% to 24% on a shoestring budget. I’d like to speak with you about opportunities where I can deliver this level of sales results for Acme Funds.

7 Middle Paragraph Share information relevant to the reader’s needs Show them how you can help the business succeed Base information off requirements for job “You need…”/ “I offer…” statements

8 Middle Paragraph Example Customer Service Associate If you love talking with people, solving problems, and working with clients this position is for you. You will have an opportunity to use your Excellent communication skills Computer knowledge Analytical Skills Problem-solving Minimum requirements: Stable work history Two years of CSR experience Knowledge of Windows and Internet My experience in the fast-paced environment of a technical call center is directly relevant to your needs. For the past three years, I have helped employees from all departments and all locations of our global company resolve various technical problems. This requires not only excellent technical skills, but patience, attentive listening, and the ability to explain technical solutions to non-technical workers. My efforts have been so successful, I have twice earned “Customer Service Rep of the Quarter” from among more than 300 people at our call center. If the advertisement asks for:You write:

9 Show Results and Be Specific BeforeAfter My experience includes leading technical teams and projects for major clients of our consulting firm. My background in the construction industry is broad. I am knowledgeable rough and finish carpentry for projects of all sizes. My track record reflects 100% on- time delivery of critical client projects, leading 10 person technical teams implementing enterprise software. I handled the materials and inventory to create seamless production. On the $140 million Camp Building project, we set the lowest record in our company’s 10 year history for “lost days” due to material problems.

10 Optional 2 nd Middle Paragraph Changing jobs: “Shortly after I started my current job six months ago, the company owner passed away unexpectedly. His death caused enormous change for the family-owned business, and they have decided to downsize and keep the longest-tenured staff.” Eliminates employer’s fear that you job-jump.

11 Optional Middle Paragraph Con’t Add relevant personal information “Having been a model-train buff since childhood, I am very excited about working for Lionel trains. I know that my passion for your products, as well as my expertise in sales and marketing, will help me become one of your top performers.” “My ties to Waterford, as you know, extend deep into my history, and create a strong connection to the district for me. Through my developing experiences here as a first year teacher, my on-going business experience, and my personal drive to succeed, I feel that Waterford has already molded me into an effective teacher. I can only hope that I am able to continue to learn at home, for that is what I consider WHS to be: my home.”

12 Optional Middle Paragraph, Con’t Intention to relocate “My current position is very satisfying, and my manager has said she has never seen anyone come up to speed so quickly. However, my spouse recently was offered a promotion to 3M headquarters in Minneapolis, so we have decided to relocate to afford her this tremendous opportunity.” Although I currently live in Sarasota, I am in the process of relocating to Austin, where I grew up. I do not expect relocation assistance, as I will be making this move on my own in the next few weeks.”

13 Last Paragraph Close with an action statement Do not leave it up to the employer to contact you Don’t be too aggressive.

14 Action Statements AssertiveAggressive I will call in the next few days to see if we can schedule a time to meet. I’d like to share my ideas for improving the productivity of your field technicians. I eagerly await your ideas and suggestions. I will call on Thursday in hopes of setting up a brief meeting at a time that is convenient for you. I will call you at 10:00 on Tuesday. Please be available to discuss my ideas for improving the productivity of your technicians. Your support is important for my job search, and I eagerly await the leads you can give me. I will call on Thursday to see what names you have collected thus far.

15 Action Statements Con’t If follow up on your end isn’t possible End on a positive note I look forward to learning more about this interesting opportunity and exploring the fit with my experience. I would be pleased to answer any questions you have by telephone (212- 489-5612), and of course, I’d like to meet with you at greater length in person. I am confident I can help your organization achieve its goals.

16 The Signature Line Two spaces down from last paragraph Sincerely, OR Sincerely yours, Space down 3-4 lines Type your name Space down 2 lines Add notation to indicate included résumé with Enclosure Attachment

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