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Native iOS, Android and Windows Development Microsoft | Xamarin.

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1 Native iOS, Android and Windows Development Microsoft | Xamarin

2 Business challenges Apps on BYOD… enterprise must deliver great experiences for Windows, iOS and Android. Solutions Xamarin accelerates native app development for Windows, iOS and Android using Visual Studio with C# and shared code. Business value Fast time-to-market: Business can go mobile with their existing teams and code virtually overnight. No compromises: Anything you can do in Objective-C and Java can be done in C# with Xamarin.

3 iOS, Android & Windows Apps in C# iOS, Android and Windows apps entirely within Visual Studio Cross-platform C#

4 Accelerate development with code-sharing across platforms Azure Mobile Services component makes it easy to add AMS with just a few lines of code Build Windows, iOS and Android apps in a single Visual Studio Solution Step-through debugging on simulators and devices Bring all the great things about C# and.NET to mobile development including runtime supported generics, lambdas, anonymous methods, delegates, async-await and Portable Class Libraries


6 App UI is built using each platform’s native APIs all made available as standard C# classes for the best possible user experience Business logic, data access, networking code and other app logic is shared across device platforms for fast development


8 David Hathaway Technical Key Account Manager Anuj Bhatia Technical Key Account Manager Stephanie Schatz VP Sales & Customer Success For webinars, videos and white papers visit: To access our Developer Center visit:


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