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Meet Azure Files, your new Swiss Army Knife Sandrino Di Mattia Microsoft Azure Consultant at RealDolmen Author at

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1 Meet Azure Files, your new Swiss Army Knife Sandrino Di Mattia (@sandrinodm) Microsoft Azure Consultant at RealDolmen Author at


3 Agenda 1)Azure Storage and Azure Files 2)Using Azure Files 3)Comparing to Azure Blobs 4)Comparing to Azure Disks 5)Scenarios & Demos

4 Azure Storage Abstractions: Blobs, Tables, Queues and now Files

5 5 Azure Storage Account (500 TB) Files Blobs Queues Tables Drives (PaaS) Disks (IaaS) Page Block

6 6 Distributed Replication Layer Massive Scale Out & Auto Load Balancing Index Layer Blob HeadTable HeadFile Share Head REST SMB 2.1 Queue Head

7 Using Azure Files

8 8 Azure Files West-Europe VM Web Site REST SMB 2.1 REST Cloud Service

9 9 Azure Files West-Europe Other Region Cloud Service VM Web Site REST Contoso (On-Premises) REST

10 PowerShell Creating a share $c = New-AzureStorageContext New-AzureStorageShare -Context $ctx 10

11 AzCopy Recursive copy AzCopy G:\Backups\ /DestKey:key /s 11

12 SMB Creating a mapped drive net use Z: \\\share /u:acc key== Persisting credentials cmdkey / /user:acc /pass:key 12

13 SMB In Code (P/Invoke) WNetAddConnection2 (Mpr.dll) In Code (Using RedDog.Storage) CloudFileShare share = client.GetShareReference("reports"); share.Mount("P:"); 13

14 SMB Credentials: persisted per user Mapped drives: persisted per user context User can have 1 normal context User can have 1 elevated context (administrator) Use /runas to store credentials and map drives for other users 14

15 REST Using the Storage Client Library var fileClient = storageAccount.CreateCloudFileClient(); var share = fileClient.GetShareReference("reports"); if (share.Exists()) { var dir = share.GetRootDirectoryReference(); var file = dir.GetFileReference("report.txt") var content = await file.DownloadTextAsync(); } 15

16 Comparing to Azure Blobs Differences between Azure Files and Azure Blobs

17 17 AttributeAzure BlobsAzure Files Durability optionsLRS, ZRS, GRS (and RA-GRS for higher availability) LRS, GRS Accessibility / ConnectivityREST APIs – Worldwide SMB 2.1 - Within region Endpoints net/mycontainer/myblob \\\my share\myfile.txt t/myshare/myfile.txt DirectoriesFlat namespaceTrue directory objects Case sensitivity of namesCase sensitiveCase insensitive, but case preserving Comparing to Azure Blobs

18 18 AttributeAzure BlobsAzure Files CapacityUp to 500TB containers5TB file shares ThroughputUp to 60 MB/s per block blobUp to 60 MB/s per share Object sizeUp to 200GB/block blob Up to 1TB/page blob Up to 1 TB/file Billed capacityBased on bytes writtenBased on file size Shared Access SignaturesYesNo Client librariesMultiple languages Comparing to Azure Blobs

19 Comparing to Azure Disks Differences between Azure Files and Azure Disks

20 20 AttributeAzure Data DisksAzure Files ScopeExclusive to a single virtual machineShared access across multiple virtual machines Snapshots and CopyYesNo ConfigurationConnected at startup of the virtual machine Connected after the virtual machine has started AuthenticationBuilt-inSet up with net use Caching SupportYesNo Access using RESTFiles within the VHD cannot be accessed when Virtual Machine is running Files stored in a share can be accessed Comparing to Azure Disks

21 21 AttributeAzure Data DisksAzure Files Max Size1TB Disk5TB File Share and 1TB file within share Max 8KB IOps500 IOps1000 IOps ThroughputUp to 60 MB/s per DiskUp to 60 MB/s per File Share I/O trafficUses the Virtual Disk DriverUses network bandwidth (same interface as your applications) LimitMaximum 16 disks (depending on VM size: Small = 2, Medium = 4, …) Limited to available drive letters on your VM Comparing to Azure Disks

22 Scenarios & Demos Lift and shift, hybrid applications, …

23 Scenarios Lift and Shift CMS (media folder) Central Logging Remote Backup (MySQL, …) ISO / Software Repository Centralized Configuration / IIS Shared Configuration Lucene (Near Real Time Search) NServiceBus (FileShareDataBus) On-Premises Replication High-Available FTP Server 23

24 Service Account Lift and Shift 24 ASP.NET Web Application Local DiskDFS Service Account ASP.NET Web Application Azure Files Storage Account Credentials

25 On-Premises Replication to Azure Files 25 Sync Engine (File System Watcher /...) Local DiskDFS Virtual Machine Azure Files SMB REST On-Premises West Europe

26 High-Available FTP Server 26 VM 1 Azure Files SMB Cloud Service VM 2 21 10000-1005020000-20050

27 Links

28 Introducing Microsoft Azure File Service azure-file-service.aspx Comparing with Azure Blobs and Azure Drives Persisting connections to Microsoft Azure Files to-microsoft-azure-files.aspx 28

29 Links Azure Files on Linux Using the Azure File Service in your Cloud Services (Web and Worker Roles) and-worker-role/ Cloud Portam Passive FTP and Windows Azure Virtual Machines virtual-machines/ 29


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