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USMA ADMISSIONS The Premier Institution for Leader Development.

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1 USMA ADMISSIONS The Premier Institution for Leader Development


3 Mission To educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country; professional growth throughout a career as an officer in the United States Army; and a lifetime of selfless service to the Nation.

4 USMA ADMISSIONS The Honor Code A Cadet will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.

5 USMA ADMISSIONS The West Point Experience Military Academy Honor Code Senior Class Responsible for Leadership Summer Training Broad Academic Experience Activities Financial Independence Career Opportunities

6 USMA ADMISSIONS Elements of Excellence Whole Person Development –Leadership –Education –Small Classes, Excellent Faculty –Spiritual and Physical Development Academic Achievement –Rhodes, Hertz, and Marshall Scholars –90% with Graduate Degrees Support System –Admissions Participants –Sponsor Program –Parents Clubs –West Point Societies

7 USMA ADMISSIONS Academic Program 9 Electives for Field of Study / 10-13 Electives for Major 1 Philosophy/Ethics 2 Foreign Language 3 Social Sciences 2 Leadership 3 English 4 History 1 Law 5 Engineering Science/Design 1 Computer Science 1 Terrain Analysis 2 Chemistry 2 Physics 4 Math 16 Sem Crs Humanities and Social Science 15 Sem Crs Math, Science, & Engineering 4 Military Science4 Physical Education The Core

8 USMA ADMISSIONS FRESHMAN YEARSOPHOMORE YEARFIRST TERM English Composition Foreign Language ChemistryAmerican Politics MathematicsPhilosophy HistoryMathematics PsychologyPhysicsPhysical EducationSECOND TERM LiteratureForeign Language ChemistryEconomics Computer ScienceMathematics MathematicsPhysics HistoryTerrain AnalysisPhysical EducationMilitary Science Typical Academic Program

9 USMA ADMISSIONS JUNIOR YEARSENIOR YEAR FIRST TERM FIRST TERM Engineering Science Engineering Design Engineering ScienceConstitutional Law International Relations Elective Military History Elective Elective ElectivePhysical EducationSECOND TERM Engineering ScienceEngineering Design Military HistoryElective English Elective Military LeadershipElectiveElectivePhysical EducationMilitary Science Typical Academic Program

10 USMA ADMISSIONS Academic Program Math-Science-Engineering = MAJORS Applied Science & Engineering Basic Sciences Interdisciplinary Chemistry and Life Science Civil Engineering Computer Science Electrical Engineering Engineering Management* Engineering Physics* Environmental Engineering* Environmental Science Geography Information Systems Eng.* Mathematical Science Mechanical Engineering Nuclear Engineering Operations Research Physics Systems Engineering * = No field of study offered

11 USMA ADMISSIONS Academic Program Humanities & Social Sciences American Legal System Art, Philosophy and Literature Behavioral Sciences Economics Foreign Area Studies Foreign Languages Geography History Leadership and Management Military Art and Science Political Science = MAJORS

12 USMA ADMISSIONS Military Program FOURTH CLASS YEAR 6-Week Cadet Basic Training New Cadets formally accepted into the Corps General Military Instruction THIRD CLASS YEAR 8-Week Military Field Training Camp Buckner, NY Fort Knox, KY Combined Arms Operations General Military Instruction

13 USMA ADMISSIONS Military Program SECOND CLASS YEAR Drill Cadet Leader Training Second Class Detail Specialty Training, e.g. Air Assault, Airborne, Mountain Warfare, etc. Individual Advanced Development Military Leadership Courses FIRST CLASS YEAR Cadet Troop Leader Training First Class Detail Corps Leadership Individual Advanced Development Military Leadership Courses

14 USMA ADMISSIONS Scholarships/Fellowships RHODESMARSHALLHERTZ (SINCE 1923)(SINCE 1983)(SINCE 1969) Harvard264Harvard82MIT96 Yale175Princeton45Stanford62 USMA37 Princeton158Yale31USMA37 USMA73 USMA73Stanford30 Princeton37 Stanford64 MIT 25Harvard31 ::Brown 23USAFA26 USMA17 USAFA31 USMA17 :: USNA31 ::Yale13 USNA 9USNA8 USAFA 4

15 USMA ADMISSIONS The Candidate

16 USMA ADMISSIONS Whole Candidate Concept West Point seeks well-rounded young people who demonstrate excellent academic ability, leadership potential, and physical aptitude. ACADEMICABILITY60%ACADEMICABILITY60% LEADERSHIPPOTENTIAL30%LEADERSHIPPOTENTIAL30% PHYSICALAPTITUDE10%PHYSICALAPTITUDE10% CADET

17 USMA ADMISSIONS Evaluation Process ACADEMIC (60%) –SAT and/or ACT –High School Rank –Transcript LEADERSHIP (30%) –Extracurricular Activities –Athletic Participation –Faculty Appraisals PHYSICAL APTITUDE EXAMINATION (10%) –Pull-ups/Flexed-arm Hang –Basketball Throw (kneeling position) –Standing Long Jump –300 Yard Shuttle Run –Push Ups

18 USMA ADMISSIONS Academic Preparation English4 Years Mathematics4 Years (including Trigonometry and PreCalculus) Laboratory Science2 Years Foreign Language2 Years United States History1 Year Computer Science1 Year

19 USMA ADMISSIONS Cadet profile: Class of 2004 Top 20% of High School Class--------------------------------72% Valedictorians----------------------------------------------------5% Salutatorians------------------------------------------------------3% National Merit Scholarship Recognition--------------------15% National Honor Society-----------------------------------------58% Boys/Girls State--------------------------------------------------18% Class or Student Body President-----------------------------19% Scouting Participant--------------------------------------------43% Eagle Scout or Gold Award Winner-----------------13% Varsity Letter Winners----------------------------------------89% Team Captain--------------------------------------------43% Mean SAT: Verbal - 621, Math - 641 Mean ACT: English - 27, Math - 28, Sci/Reas - 27, Reading - 29


21 USMA ADMISSIONS SPRING OF JUNIOR YEAR WINTER OF SENIOR YEAR JULY OF YEAR OF ADMISSION TIME OF ACTION 13,000 5,000 2,500 1,150 NUMBER OF CANDIDATES Report as a Cadet Complete USMA Forms Start a File at West Point Apply for a Nomination Await evaluation and status Obtain nomination STEPS TO WEST POINT THE ADMISSIONS PROCESS Visit West Point Complete testing Determine whether you meet the basic requirements

22 USMA ADMISSIONS Basic Requirements Legal Requirements: –17-22 years old –United States Citizen –Unmarried –Not pregnant; with no legal obligation to support a child Leadership –Demonstrated leadership in school, community, church, scouts, etc. Academic Qualifications: –Above average High School or College academic record –Strong performance on ACT/SAT Medical Qualifications: –Good physical and mental health –Pass a Qualifying Medical Exam Physical Qualifications: –Above average strength, endurance, and agility –Good performance on Physical Aptitude Exam

23 USMA ADMISSIONS Congressional Nomination: Determined by nominating source Service-Connected Nomination: Nomination by the Secretary of the Army for eligible applicants Apply for a Nomination

24 USMA ADMISSIONS Complete USMA Forms Personal Data Record Request for Transcript School Official Evaluations –Math –English –Chemistry or Physics Activities Record Essay / Candidate Statement

25 USMA ADMISSIONS The The Reasons Reasons The The Reasons Reasons

26 USMA ADMISSIONS Reasons for Coming to USMA TYPICAL CLASS USMA Overall Reputation24% Desire to be an Army Officer19% Personal Self-Development19% Quality of Academic Program15% TOTAL76%

27 USMA ADMISSIONS 4-Year Graduation Rates USMA Classes 1990 to 2000 includes June and December graduates

28 USMA ADMISSIONS Some Final Thoughts Come prepared –physically –mentally –emotionally We will provide you with lots of information –read it! –share it!


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