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Chapter 12 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel!. Vocabulary.

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1 Chapter 12 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel!

2 Vocabulary

3  Advent – “coming”; the 22 to 28 days of preparation before Christmas, when we celebrate the coming of the Messiah  antiphon – a short verse from the Bible that is sung at the beginning or the end of a psalm or canticle. Its purpose is to call attention to the psalm or canticle’s central message.

4  O Antiphons – seven antiphons that people pray aloud before the Magnificat  Magnificat – the Canticle of Mary, a well-known canticle, found in Luke 1:46-55  Emmanuel – “God with us”; another name for Jesus

5 Notes

6 Introduction During Advent, we prepare for the coming of Jesus We recall: 1) God’s promise of a redeemer and the birth of Jesus (past); 2) Jesus’ continuing presence among us today (present); 3) the promise of his coming at the end of time (future) We await a new heaven and a new earth (2 Peter 3:13)

7 Introduction (ctd.) God’s kingdom = a way of living that is already happening in our hearts Kingdom will fully come when Jesus comes again

8 Christ, Come! During the week before Christmas, Church sings 7 ancient antiphons to show longing for God’s salvation O Antiphons: O Wisdom, O Lord, O Root of Jesse, O Key of David, O Radiant Dawn, O King of All Nations, O Emmanuel These express our trust in what God has promised

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