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Fundamental Delegitimization: A Crisis in Israel's National Security Doctrine London as a Case Study.

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1 Fundamental Delegitimization: A Crisis in Israel's National Security Doctrine London as a Case Study

2 Summary: Israel’s National Security Strategi c Surpris e Relevancy Gap Strategi c Surpris e Military Arena Primary Main Threat Physical IDF main actor Stage 1: Relevancy Stage 2: Incubation Stage 3: Denial

3 Summary of Last Session Existential Threat Military IDF responsible for protecting nation New non conventional tactics required. Home Front + Diplomatic also essential Synchronized Victories: Need strong foreign affairs establishment Resistance Network focuses on soft underbelly – asymmetric warfare, international arena and home front Main Arena: Security Deterrence, Early Warning, Decisive Victory

4 Main Problem: Hasbara / Policy Commitment to peace & HR vital – but always an outstanding issue (Shebaa Farms Syndrome): Hasbara important but delegitimization is ideology driven Increasing threat from Liberal Progressive Elite Israel’s position vis-à-vis Western Govts remains stable New dynamic – new threat (advancing 1SS) Attacks on Israel are nothing new Summary of Last Session

5 The Delegitimization Network לונדון Flat independent non-hierarchical Toronto Madrid Bay Area Brussels London Common denominator: consciousness Protocols and Mechanisms Delegitimization network driven Diverse and resilient Networks revolve around hubs driven by catalysts The Red - Green Alliance

6 What makes London a hub? Media concentration Academic influence Diplomatic weight NGO ‘world capital’ English language Global influence

7 Western-based Delegitimization Network How does such a peripheral movement punch above its weight? The key: Blurring difference b\w deleg. & critics Coercion only way: BDS Essentialism Liberalising the arguments Demonization: IL= apartheid Branding Israel as Pariah Lawfare Red Green The Threat: Build-up of the One-State Paradigm Liberal Elite Ideological delegitimizers Judicial Academia, campus Churches Trade unions The Red-Green Alliance Enhancing trend of 'Pragmatic' One-Staters

8 The Hamas Network in London Palestinian Return Centre British Muslim Initiative Palestinian Forum of Britain European Campaign to end the DSiege of Gaza Interpal Global Peace and Unity Event Viva Palestina

9 The Hamas Network in London From Fundraising to Politics & Delegitimization Existing MB infrastructure Judicial deterrence Lambertism Doctrine Receptive radical left

10 Operational guidelines for response PR and policy: Necessary, but insufficient Required: A systemic, structural response

11 Key Principles: Definitions Negating the Jewish People’s Right to Self Determination Negating Israel’s Right to Exist Expand the definition of 'pro-Israel' Establish community code-of-conduct Narrow Definition of Delegitimization CriticismDelegitimization

12 It Takes a Network to Fight a Network Any organization can be a catalyst synagogues Community centres Formal Jewish institution Shared values allies Individuals Mobilize Israeli-Diaspora Community Be part of a global network San Francisco Madrid Brussels Johannesburg Toronto Paris

13 All Instruments of the Orchestra The Committed Right & The Critical Left At Our Grassroots Level

14 Flat, loosely coordinated response To say that the general must await the commands of the sovereign in such circumstances is like informing a superior that you wish to put out a fire. Before the order to do so arrives, the ashes are cold… (Sun Tzu)

15 Experimentation at Margins

16 Drive Wedge b/w Delegitimizers & Liberal Elite Red Green Liberal Elite Main Battleground: LPE Engage with LPE Out, name and shame Develop PR & Branding practices Engage NGO and human rights org Initiate alternative constructive venues to “do something”

17 Wider Tents Open-tent 1: Maximally expand pro-Israel community – Lower threshhold Open tent 2: Flat, loosely coordinated response Open tent 3: From Right to Left: We need 'all instruments of the orchestra‘ Open tent 4: Encourage experimentation taking place at the margins

18 Additional guidelines for operational strategy Attempt to establish a code of conduct for the Community reg. Israel Bring the network together Prepare an annual calendar of delegitimization events Establish taskforces and assign coordinators for each major arena Focus on comprising Hamas’ presence in London

19 Shared language, common logic Narrow the definition of delegitimization Key principles Expand the definition of 'pro-Israel' Establish community code-of-conduct Delegitimization – Negating the Jewish People’s Right to Self Determination Negating Israel’s Right to Exist

20 Bring Global Context to Local Experience Create New Knowledge From On-the-Ground Experiences Partner With Institutions to Help Redesign Mission, Strategy, and Operational Principles Connect the Key Stakeholders: the Government of Israel, the Jewish Communities, and the Activists Reut’s Role

21 Assisting institutions to design their mission & strategy in relation to operational principles. Providing a global context to local challenges. Making global connections Making connections with Israeli partners Reut's role

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