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Netherlands Enterprise Agency Briefing ERA-NET Bioenergy 9 th call.

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1 Netherlands Enterprise Agency Briefing ERA-NET Bioenergy 9 th call

2 Content About the Call Countries participating Time Schedule Application Procedure Finding Partners

3 About the Call Topic call = bioenergy: Proposals may focus on different bioenergy value chains or energy uses (heating/cooling, electricity, transport biofuels), but in all cases, the question of economic, environmental and social sustainability of the concept/value chain must be addressed in the proposal. Ideally, concepts enable full or improved usage of the raw material and/or put the focus on residues, by-products and other forms of raw material that minimise competition with food production. Concepts that integrate the production of a range of different products/intermediates (chemicals, compound materials, bioenergy incl. transport biofuels) may also be addressed, but projects relevant to this call are expected to focus on added value of energetic uses (bioenergy incl. transport biofuels).

4 About the Call (continued) Budget: Approx € 7 M available in total (€ 2.9 M in NL) For whom: companies, research and technology organisations and academic researchers Funding is available for innovative, industrially relevant research and development projects.

5 About the Call (continued) Projects funded in the frame of ERA-NET Bioenergy will increase: economic feasibility resource efficiency environmental compatibility (e.g. protection/increase of biodiversity, protection of water or soil, significant CO2 savings) positive social impacts, e.g. by generating additional income, business opportunities or jobs for/in the sector public acceptance of bioenergy pathways and concepts. This means that a significant step beyond the state of the art is an absolute pre- requisite. Proposals must derive added value from the international cooperation, in comparison to national projects.

6 Consortium Netherlands Enterprise Agency NL Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) D National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) PL Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) AT Swedish Energy Agency SE Swiss Federal Office of EnergyCH Consortia must include at least 2 partners from 2 different countries participating in the call

7 Time Schedule Call opens 10 February 2014 Deadline for submitting outlines 12 th January 2015, 1pm CET Deadline for submitting full proposals 8 th June 2015, 1pm CET Expected project start Early 2015

8 Application Procedure Proposals must be submitted via e-mail to the central Call Secretariat (contact: Mr. Matté Brijder, Netherlands Enterprise Agency, National funding regulations are applied within this joint call A joint transnational team of experts from the participating countries will evaluate all full-proposals.

9 Application Procedure Short outline: The outline consists of one short document describing the goal and expected impact of the planned work. The outline must show which national programmes it is aimed for and how it will fit these programmes. Consultation with funding agencies: The consultation phase is a step in the call process in its own right. Direct communication with the national funding body is strictly mandatory in some countries (e.g. DE) and strongly recommended in the others (see National Annexes). Each applicant consortium is strongly advised to consult all relevant funding bodies in order to meet the criteria and priorities of the national programmes in the best way. Experiences from the past show that the chance of success for funding significantly improves with consultations. The intensity of consultations may differ from country to country. It is recommended to await all consultations in the different countries before submitting the full proposal. Full proposal: If the short outline meets the criteria of the relevant programmes, (with or without further consultation) the consortium receives a notice from the Secretariat with the recommendationto submit a full proposal.

10 Funding for Dutch projects Budget: € 2.900.000,- From ‘Topsector Energie’ Proposals compete with national projects in 1 tender ‘Topteam Energy’ decided on National Rules, in co-operation with TKI Biobased Economy

11 National rules (Netherlands), part 1 At least 2 companies must participate Industrial Research (IO) or Experimental Development (EO) Funding: 50% (IO), 30% (EO) 10% extra for SME’s (MKB) Maximum of € 500.000 per project;

12 National rules (Netherlands), part 2 Focus: cascaded use of biomass Energetic use must be a major component At least 20% reduction of feedstock costs No aquatic biomass projects Contribution to goals of ‘Topsector Energie’

13 Goals of topsector Energie Increase in sustainable energy production at the lowest possible costs CO2-reduction

14 Finding Partners Germany - online project database foerderung/projekte/suche/; if they run a keyword search (keyword = Stichwort) they can see who might be a good partner to approach foerderung/projekte/suche/ Sweden Poland Switzerland Austria

15 Thank you for your attention For more information:

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