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RESEARCH GOVERNANCE SOCIAL CARE in Barnsley OUR LEARNING EXPERIENCES/GUIDE Research Governance Social Care & Barnsley (R & D) Alliance Mick Stanley & Mike.

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1 RESEARCH GOVERNANCE SOCIAL CARE in Barnsley OUR LEARNING EXPERIENCES/GUIDE Research Governance Social Care & Barnsley (R & D) Alliance Mick Stanley & Mike Bramall

2 MICK & MIKE  Mick - Professional Development & Support Manager. Barnsley M.B.C.  Mike – Research Governance Officer Barnsley HNFT.

3 RESEARCH GOVERNANCE SOCIAL CARE in Barnsley Launched in April 2006 under the banner of: Knowledge Management “A Way Forward “ Promoting Evidence Informed Practice.

4 THE STRATEGIC DRIVERS (then & now)  RGSC ( quality of research)  WHITE PAPER Our Health,Independence & Well Being (public involvement.user experience)  CSCI (modernising inspection & user experience)  Audit Commission(more robust evidence base)  LGA (local engagement & consultation)  SCIE (developing evidence base for social care)

5 THE STRATEGIC DRIVERS (then & now)  Every Adult Matters (client control,self determination, changes for providers commissioners, local EiP, local research)  Outcomes Framework for Adult Social Care (research & performance linked) Supported/highlighted by ADSS!  CSIP (Predicting service demand-simple model & research) Learning – Drivers point to more research!

6 So how did we develop - Research Governance Social Care  Barnsley Health And Social Care Research And Development (R&D) Alliance, is a partnership between BHNFT, BPCT & Barnsley SSD  A unique aspect of the Alliance is to encourage and facilitate care pathway research across health and social care organisations.  Barnsley RGSC is built on the strong foundations and national reputation of this Alliance. Learning – Don’t work in isolation!

7 Barnsley Health & Social Care (R&D)Research & Development Alliance  Established Nov 2004  Research partnership between Barnsley PCT & BHNFTrust & BMBC (both adults & childrens services)  Each contributes financially  The Alliance offers a comprehensive approach to managing research governance across health & social care  The developing of RGSC is based on the foundations of this partnership Learning – Working in Partnership

8 We are trying to Strive for Excellence by improving-  Knowledge Management  Evidence Informed Practice  RGSC  Learning- Its complex & a culture change

9 KNOWLEDGE Management What are we trying to do?  Organisational Knowledge  Practitioner Knowledge  User knowledge  Research Knowledge  Policy Community Knowledge Learning - All these play a vital role in building up the social care evidence base”

10 KNOWLEDGE Management SCIE report: “Improving the use of research in social care”  The diversity of the social care field demands a variety of actions to promote use  Robust evidence of what works is limited  A whole systems approach for enhancing research is needed Learning – A co-ordinated approach is needed

11 RGSC - How does it fit in? We launched RGSC and continue to:  Maintain the message to all organisations +EiP  Continue to disseminate the message +EiP  Ask organisations/staff to think research & their role? +EiP  Ask users,carers to think about research? +EiP  Those who approach us are asked if they have checked in the right place’s to see if someone else has done it?  We advise they where to look?  We support them in the process!  Learning- Provide on going support/advice

12 Research & Training?  Do staff need training? Yes!  Linked to PDR’s s  Linked to Supervision  Linked to GSCC training requirements. Learning- Training for all!

13 RGSC - what does it cover in Barnsley?  “ The collection of information from or about individuals, who may be services users, their carers, relatives, friends, members of the public or employees of the council. It relates to any consultations, questionnaires, surveys, projects and also audits to be carried out in connection with Best Value” Learning – This broad definition has caused problems?

14 Lets talk - RGSC process? K I S S!

15 RGSC paperwork  A one page leaflet  A one page flow chart  Application form is 4 pages  Application form guidance is 2 pages  Risk Assessment form is 1 page  Risk Assessment guidance is 2 pages  Its all in plain simple language Learning- K I S S

16 RGSC Considerations & Process! What to do! Issues:  What is your question?  Where do you look for research on your question?  Do you need to undertake research within the Barnsley Social Care arena, if so: Process:  Consult RGSC  Obtain RGSC leaflet  Complete RGSC application form and risk assessment (& guidance notes)  Refer application to RGSC  Await decision and comments from RGSC Management Committee  Complete Research or respond to additional comments  Once approved complete Research & Include on Database Learning – The process works

17 RGSC Decisions & Process ( Flow chart included in the handouts)  What’s your research issue/question?  Is it RGSC or R & D Alliance?  If RGSC following our pathway  Application to RGSC Committee  If pure research consider R&D Alliance. RGSC process & paperwork is fully acceptable to R & D Learning- The two systems support each other!

18 RGSC Activity to date!  Initial flurry of activity 12 applications  Then a trickle!  Then nothing?  Then IB(Pilot site) & other universities  Recently users/carers organisations in discussion of doing local research( YEAH!)  Establishment of KM Policy & Steering Group  Recent acceptance of RGSC process by local audit systems & psychology.  Continuing reluctance by providers  Increase of staff wanting to do training Learning – Continue to develop the culture!

19 Ulimateley-Why is research necessary?  The modernisation of Social Care  The Strategic Drivers  The need to manage knowledge & research in a better way  The need to develop “Evidence informed Practice” Learning -The need for a Research Culture

20 “A Research Culture” This is where we started & We continue to learn & develop ! “From little acorns”

21 KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Research Governance Social Care “ A Way forward” promoting Knowledge Management /EiP/RGSC! QUESTIONS!!!!!! Learning – We will learn from today!

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