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Researchers in Europe without Barriers Prague April 28 2009.

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1 Researchers in Europe without Barriers Prague April 28 2009

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3 Talent Policies in The Netherlands in the European context 1. Introduction 2. Global developments and some numbers 3. EU-answer to the EPR 4. Policies for talented researchers in the Netherlands 5. Netherlands’ focus in the implementation of the Partnership

4 4 Global R&D-performance More R&D activity is done across borders -Teams and collaborations physically located in multiple countries Global capacity for R&D growing rapidly inmost part of the world R&D capacity much less centralized and more competitive

5 5 Expected outcome of global R&D -International flow of knowledge -Job matches through global job search and numerous job options for researchers -Greater ability to find rare or unique skill sets -Positive effect on incentives for individual human capital investments as a result of international competition for scarce human capital. -Possibility of the formation of international research or technology clusters— like Silicon Valley or CERN.

6 6 Mobility in a few numbers Mobility within Europe - doctoral candidates 6% - postdocs 12 % But: Europe is net exporter of research talent -ca. 29% foreign scholars in the U.S is of EU-27 origin(ca. 25,000 in 2005-2006) - Four EU countries belong to the top 10 countries of foreign scholars in the USA: Germany 5th (5,100), France 7th (3,400), the UK 8th (3,300) and Italy 9th (3,000)

7 7 EU-answer to the EPR -Marie Curie -EURAXESS -ERA-Link

8 8 Talented researchers in the Netherlands - Ministry of Education, Culture and Science designs a leading role to the Research Council: - Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research ( ca. 5,500 researchers are funded - in the Netherlands as well as at institutes, research centres and universities

9 9 NL policies for researchers Innovational Research Incentive Scheme (‘Renewal’ Incentive) Veni grant max. € 250,000 - young doctorates Vidi grants max. € 800,000 - experienced postdocs Vici grants max. € 1,500,000 - senior researchers in 2007: 1324 applications, 295 grants, ca. € 145 mln. Women in science – Aspasia program female Vidi or Vici promoted to senior lecturer or professor. In 2007: 19 promotions, € 1.9 mln Toptalent: free PhD route for talented graduates In 2007: 128 applications, 41 grants, ca. € 16 mln for 2 rounds Minorities – Mozaïek program retaining talented graduates/undergraduates from ethnic minorities. In 2007: 46 applications, 22 grants awarded, ca. € 4 mln International experience for young researchers – Rubicon In 2007: 277 applications, 93 grants awarded, ca. € 5.4 mln

10 10 NL policies for researchers Graduate schools -Pilot 2009-2010 € 6 mln -structural program € 15 mln from 2011 onwards Knowledge migrants regulation -fast-track procedure for immigrants -within two weeks temporary entry permit.

11 11 Partnership and the NL focus 1.Open recruitment – not a priority – - NWO-instruments are internationally open - Academic Transfer ( 2a. Social security – not a priority - NL has a Collective Employment Agreement of Universities (Association of Dutch Universities) Meets also the objectives of: 3. attractive employment and working conditions 4. enhancing the training, skills and experience of researchers

12 12 Partnership and the NL focus 2b. Supplementary pensions – priority issue -NL will await the results of the feasibility study for a Pan European Pension Fund for researchers -But work has to be done to meet the needs of researchers for accurate, reliable, coordinated and comprehensible information and advice.

13 13 NL focus on implementation of the European Partnership National Plan on EPR will - Provide for an inventory of NL activities in research policies for researchers - Four aims of Partnership in relation to NL policies - report on NL policy focus on supplementary pensions

14 14 Discussion 1.Financial ‘education’ for researchers to promote awareness of the importance of pensions. -pay attention to pension issues as a part of doctoral training? 2. National Pension Register. Social Affairs and the Association of Universities are examining if such a tool could be created. One step further?  -internationally linked to other registers -Make it a user friendly, internet based, data bank application, to be assessed by mobile staff with a password at any time to receive reliable information on pension rights.

15 15 Thank you for your attention! Contact: » drs. Yvonne Schaap-Koenen, senior policy advisor Ministry of Education, Culture and Science Directorate Research and Science Policy P.O. Box 16375 / IPC: 4100 2500 BJ The Hague The Netherlands T + 31.70.412 3401 (Secretariat ext. 3650) F + 31.70.412 2080 E

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