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Transactive Writing I can identify different transactive pieces, tell how they are used, and identify what makes a GREAT transactive piece.

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1 Transactive Writing I can identify different transactive pieces, tell how they are used, and identify what makes a GREAT transactive piece.

2 What is transactive writing? Transactive writing is writing for information. Transactive writing includes facts.

3 What type of writing is transactive? Persuasive Letters Manuals Brochures Feature Articles Editorials Speeches Pamphlets Open Response Questions

4 Letters that Persuade A letter to a senator, president, teacher, principal, or parent asking them to change or review a law, rule, or decision A letter asking someone to hire you or help you get a job A letter to try to convince someone to think about something the same way you do

5 Letters that Persuade To whom it may concern, We are a year 4 class at Roydvale Primary School. This term we are learning about putting text, drawings and photographs into meaningful contexts using digital cameras and computers. Our teacher, Mrs Perriam, said that if we could gather enough complimentary tickets for attractions around Chi Chi we could go and complete our project using them. We are naturally VERY excited about this and would appreciate any help you were able to give. We are seeking 4 children's passes and one adult pass (our parent help and transporter) -5 in total. Our parent helper would bring our small group during school time. On return to school, we will create and publish a brochure for your business/attraction that appeals to children. These will not only be seen by students from our school and other schools in Christchurch, but we plan to be part of an international project, which allows schools to share their work to others from all around the world! What better way to advertise? Please see our self-addressed envelope for easy return. We need replies by Friday 27 July so we can plan our next steps. We thank you very much for reading our letter and eagerly await you response. Your help in assisting us with a 'worthwhile', real-life context is very much appreciated. Yours sincerely Room 8 students Roydvale School

6 Brochures A brochure could inform a reader about a person, place, thing, event, idea, or service Includes text features like headings, subheadings, graphics and captions, and other diagrams and lists Often split into sections on a folded piece of paper


8 Feature Article Authors who write feature articles write about topics they are familiar with and have researched, or topics that grab their interest. They are written with factual information that can be proved. They may include opinions, but need to have evidence to support those opinions. Feature articles can be written about any topic.

9 Feature Article Have you ever spent one whole day playing video games? I did. Imagine your mom's face when you didn't do your homework because you were playing games all day. Well, there are people who play games all the time. That means these people love video games. So they buy a lot games. But video game companies needed to change or develop new game systems because these video game enthusiasts, as well as the average consumers, got bored after a while with the original systems. That is why original game systems have been upgraded. (angle) NINTENDO Nintendo changed from their original Nintendo 64 to the new and improved Nintendo Game Cube. With this Game Cube you can attach Gameboy Advance. It also has more realistic animation and it uses CD's not cartridges. PLAYSTATION Playstation went from the original Playstation to Playstation 2.This new version plays actual DVD movies. You can also play your video games with the wireless controls. I know you are wondering about all the money you spent on the original games you bought for Play Station 1. Well, have no fear, Play Station 2 will play those original games as well. GAME BOY Game Boy has also changed over the years. There is Gameboy Color where the hand held device comes in different colors and the games themselves are in color too. Then, they came out with Gameboy Advance. This new game is lighter than the original. The colors are darker and the graphics are better. XBOX Microsoft has joined the video game industry as well. They came out with the much awaited XBox in 2001. This new system has more buttons on the control panel than any other game system. The graphics are so realistic. You can also play DVD's on this system if you by a special attachment.(facts/information) PRICES The prices for these systems range from $100 for the small handheld Game Boy Advance to upwards of $300 for the new Microsoft XBox. Sometimes video games companies change the main idea of a game. Instead, like the Mario games have introduced new characters and activities. If you want more information on these video game systems go to or Evolution of Game Systems

10 What makes a GREAT piece? The piece has a clear leading question or purpose. The piece includes facts that have been researched. The piece gives information. The piece gives detailed steps. The piece helps the reader reach a conclusion.

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