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Macleans College 1 st XI Boys’ Football Team. The Squad.

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1 Macleans College 1 st XI Boys’ Football Team

2 The Squad

3 Sponsored by NZ Couriers

4 A free-kick v Wellington College

5 Warming up for Napier Boys

6 Incoming corner v Napier Boys

7 Brayden just misses v Nelson College

8 Jostling for the cross v Nelson College

9 Rio takes a free-kick v Nelson College

10 Safely gathered by the Nelson goalkeeper

11 Sean collects as Danny and Ren look on

12 Still threatening the Nelson goal

13 Ren, Ahmad, Mike, Brayden & Saif await the cross from the left

14 Mike, Saif & Ren ready to get on the end of another cross

15 Laser Strike

16 Jimmy Talbot launches an attack

17 Fabby & Brayden working together

18 Surely Brayden can hit the target if he has enough shots

19 v St. Patrick’s Town – Earl takes a goal kick

20 Jun plays the ball through to the strikers

21 Ren sends a free-kick across

22 Jimmy, Rio, Ahmad, Earl and Sean defending v St Patrick’s

23 Mike and Sean competing in midfield

24 Jun waits for the ball in attack as Mike supports

25 Ren, Jun & Rhys await a corner v St Paul’s

26 Ahmad deals with a high ball in defence

27 Another corner for Macleans with Saif, Jun & Ren

28 Ren’s effort goes over the bar as Rhys follows in

29 Rhys tries to create something as Frosty looks on

30 Rhys and Danny watch as Sean goes close

31 Yet another Macleans corner – Ren jumps with Saif, Jun & Rhys looking for scraps

32 In defence, Mike, Ahmad, Earl & Saif were never threatened

33 The corner comes over and……

34 …… Ahmad’s header hits the bar

35 Saif and Ren compete for yet another corner

36 St Pauls’ goalkeeper gets down low to a shot from Mike

37 Rhys worries the St Paul’s defence ……

38 …… and scores the third

39 Rhys is surrounded by St Paul’s defenders

40 A shot from Sean beats the ‘keeper but goes just wide of the post

41 Jimmy up front with Ren & Jun

42 The Bowl Final for 9 th & 10 th place was played between Macleans College and St Peter’s College, Auckland

43 The rain fell persistently and it was not possible to take photographs

44 Macleans lost 3-1 to finish 10 th in the country – the team’s highest ever placing

45 Roll on Beijing 24 September 2008

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