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Important Registration Information for 2014

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1 Important Registration Information for 2014
Compiled: Vinesh Balmakund and Gilbert Masemola

2 Topics to be covered Registration dates Registration modes
Second semester applications Important changes for 2014 Alternative pathway/Extended programme Brochures Closing dates for payment of registration Registration cancellation dates Academic exclusion Disciplinary queries and blocks Maximum credits per semester/ year Prescribed forms

3 2014 registration dates Semester 1, semester 2 and year modules
Online, self-help, post & fax 25 November December 2013 6 January January 2014 (for semester 1 modules) (payments accepted until 31 January 2014) 2 January February 2014 (for semester 2 & year modules) 2 January 2014 – 14 March 2014 (Year modules) only for Unisa students awaiting supplementary results Official Saturdays open: 11 and 18 January 2014, 22 February 2014. Semester 2 modules 17 June July 2014 Official Saturday open: 05 July 2014

4 Registration modes Modes Address Web/ Online Self help
All regional offices Post PO Box 392, Unisa, 0003 Fax

5 Applications dates for 2014 - S2
APPLICATION OPENS CLOSES Monday, 07 April 2014 Friday, 25 April 2014

6 Important Changes for 2014 Changed generic/ higher certificate admission requirements for some undergraduate qualifications, eg in CEMS No SLP for Maths requirement in CEMS, but the new HC Note that students must comply with one language of teaching and learning (Afrikaans or English) Take note of equivalent tables of National Certificate(from 2009) against Senior Certificate, National Certificate Vocational and Foreign certificates on P36 of my Choice brochure 2014 Semester 2 modules may be registered during S1 but study material will be made available on commencement of S2. Postgraduate study material completely online from 2014

7 Alternative Pathway/Extended programme
Student must meet the statutory requirements for the Diploma or Degree before they can register for the Alternative pathway Alternative pathway does not replace statutory requirements Alternative pathway cannot be registered concurrently with NDP modules for the intended degree or diploma

8 Registration Brochures
ITEM CONTENTS FORMAT Hardcopy to students? my X 6 Colleges - Dates, Fees, Procedures, Rules, Curriculums and Prescribed Forms Hardcopy Website & Mobi site Yes

9 Provisional Time Table Provisional exam dates Hardcopy
ITEM CONTENTS FORMAT Hardcopy to students? Provisional Time Table Provisional exam dates Hardcopy Website & Mobi Site Yes,

10 MyStudies brochure MyStudies Study information Hardcopy
ITEM CONTENTS FORMAT Hardcopy to students? MyStudies Study information Hardcopy Website & Mobi Site Yes, with first study material pack

11 Closing dates for payment of registration - 2014
Semester 1 modules 31 January 2014 Year Modules 28 February 2014 Semester 2 modules 28 February 2014 in first registration period & 11 July 2014 in second registration period You will notice that the closing date is dependant on the type of modules, and not the qualification as most qualifications offer at least 1 semester module.

12 2014 Registration cancellation dates
Information will be provided by Finance and will be in the my Registration brochures

13 Academic exclusion rules (Re-admission Policy)
Unisa will implement the policy by the end of 2013 to first time undergraduate students: HC, diploma and degree students who registered at the beginning of 2013 and failed to obtain 36 credits by the end of 2013 will be phased out, and must complete a 1 year certificate (NQF level 4 or 5) at an accredited institution or University. NB: Students with supplementary/ special exams in May/ June 2014 will be blocked for registration until their results are available to determine if they will be phased out or allowed to continue registration with Unisa Alternative pathway students will be completely phased out if they failed to obtain 24 credits by the end of 2013 with the exception of those who registered for the first time in June 2013.

14 Academic Exclusion Rules continued. . .
Students who commenced their studies in June 2013 will only be phased out in June 2014 if they failed to obtain 36 NQF credits (for HC, diploma & degree) and 24 NQF credits for Alternative pathway or Extended programme. NB: Those with supplementary / special exams in Oct/ Nov 2014 will have to await results before registration will be considered further. Students who were phased out before 2009, must provide proof of a completed one year certificate programme (NQF level 4/ 5) from an accredited institution, with the DSAR07 form to apply for re-admission.

15 Disciplinary queries and blocks
Disciplinary queries refers to cases of students who were suspended for a specified period of time due to misconduct, e.g, - violation of exam regulation, etc. These queries must be referred to Mr GO Waldeck at to lift the blocks or to advise the student if the suspension has not expired

16 Prescribed forms DSAR – Application for academic record or credit certificate DSAR Teaching placement form

17 Modules per semester/ year
Maximum 60 credits per semester, irrespective of semester in which student registers. The maximum credits includes any modules for NDP. Maximum of 120 credits per year ( two semesters). NB: Submission of more than the required credits (modules) will delay student’s registration

18 Purpose and use of DSAR06 Only students registered for a qualification weighted at 240 credits and above must apply. Students in the final semester of registration and needing to take extra 2 modules or 24 credits, in addition to 60 maximum credits for registration, should apply using the DSAR06 form. Students must complete the form and, only if they meet the requirements of two additional modules Ensure that the student is in their final semester The form and supporting documents must be sent to Pretoria ) for referral to the Deputy Registrar’s office for approval.

19 Thank you!

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