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South West SPF meeting Lee Balch & Liz Eddy 8 th May 2012.

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1 South West SPF meeting Lee Balch & Liz Eddy 8 th May 2012

2 Items to be discussed today Clinical Excellence Awards Junior Doctors contract & Centre for Workforce Intelligence report The Youth Contract ESR Disclosure and Barring Service

3 Clinical Excellence Awards Clinical Excellence Awards – we still await news from the government about the DDRB report of last July. There is a lack of clarity about whether there will be a 2012 round; suggest employers pause at the point of application and await further advice on the status of any local awards.

4 Junior Doctors contract & Centre for Workforce Intelligence report Junior Doctors contract – we still await the government response to our report on the efficacy of the current contract, which established a case in principle for new contract arrangements more fit for purpose. CfWI report on the future shape of the medical workforce – an important report that needs urgent attention from the system.

5 The Youth Contract As part of the Government's drive to tackle youth unemployment, a new scheme called the Youth Contract came into force in April 2012. This includes wage incentives for employers (including NHS organisations) to employ young people. The three year youth contract programme aims to help unemployed 16 to 24 year olds prepare for and secure employment The key elements are: 160,000 wage incentives worth up to £2,275 each for employers who recruit an 18 to 24 year old through the Work Programme.

6 The Youth Contract An extra 250,000 Work Experience (available across Great Britain) or sector-based work academy places (available in England and Scotland) A further 20,000 Apprenticeship Grants for Employers, to encourage small and medium employers to recruit their first 16 to 24 year old apprentice, taking the total number to 40,000 Additional support through Jobcentre Plus by way of more adviser time and weekly contact. An opportunity to have a careers interview with the National Careers Service (in England).

7 The Youth Contract Around £120m to help the most vulnerable 16/17 year olds who are not in education, employment or training in England back in to education, training or a job with training. Further information on what the Youth Contract means to you as an employer and about how you can get involved can be found on the Department for Work and Pensions website.Department for Work and Pensions website If you wish to know who your Jobcentre Plus single point of contact is please email

8 ESR developments May/June 2012 Area of Work and Occupation Codes are updated to ensure synergy is maintained between ESR and the latest version of the NHS National Workforce Dataset (v2.4). Improved functionality to aid users in the payment of average pay under Agenda for Change. Updated national subjective codes to enable accurate recording and reporting of financial costing data. Second Specialty data for doctors is currently held against the Position but this is being withdrawn so that all Specialty data will be held against the Person populated directly by the GMC interface.

9 ESR development plan post June 2012 Certification functionality to further support compliance and links to e-Learning renewals. This functionality enhances the learner experience when renewing compliance on statutory and mandatory learning and improves organisations reporting on compliance. Evaluation functionality (supports TEL strategy). To enable learners to evaluate the learning they have undertaken via ESR. Organisations will be able to determine their own set of evaluation questions and analyse the responses. Workflow Administration tools. Any queries relating to this update should be forwarded to

10 New disclosure and barring services The systems of barring and criminal record checks have been reformed to scale back to common sense levels. The Protection of Freedoms Bill will provisionally receive Royal Assent in May 2012, and then become an Act of Parliament.

11 New disclosure and barring services Key milestones: September 2012 - first of the changes are expected to come into force, including a revised definition of regulated activity, minimum age 16 for disclosure. This also includes the repeal of: the ‘brown envelope’ provision and introduction of a higher relevancy test for disclosing police information as part of the CRB certificate. November 2012 – merger of CRB and ISA to establish the new Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Early 2013 – introduction of the new online updating system and single applicant only certificates which will enable greater portability of checks.

12 New disclosure and barring services Further information to come: Home Office information on events to be held around the country Additional guidance will be posted on the NHS Employers web pages and the NHS Workforce bulletin as soon as more information becomes available from the Home Office Implications for employers - further update at the next round of meetings.

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