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Earthquake Safety. Hayward Fault UCOP Facilities Management Webpage  Emergency Preparedness Webpage –

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1 Earthquake Safety


3 Hayward Fault

4 UCOP Facilities Management Webpage  Emergency Preparedness Webpage –  UC Disaster Preparedness Checklist – elfhelp_checklist.pdf elfhelp_checklist.pdf elfhelp_checklist.pdf  Are You Prepared to Be On Your Own for 72 Hours? –

5 UCOP Earthquake Preparedness  Each Floor/Dept./Unit–Kits Containing: –Food & Water for Three Days –First Aid Kit –Rescue & Repair Tools –Flashlights, Battery-Operated Radio, Spare Batteries  Individuals –Walking Shoes –Individual Prescription Medications (Enough for Three Days)

6 Individual Work Area Preparedness  Remove or Secure Heavy Overhead Items which May Fall On You or Block Your Egress  Secure Breakables with Quake Putty or Museum Gel

7 Seismic Hazard Mitigation Policy  Free Standing Partitions, Bookcases, Shelving, & Cabinets 6 Feet or Taller –Must Be Braced or Anchored to Prevent Them From Tipping Over –Submit Bldg. Services iRequest for Service  Large Heavy Objects on Lower Shelves  Breakables on Lower Shelves/Closed Cabinets  Overhead Cabinets Closed/Latched  No Heavy Objects Above Your Desk

8 Home Earthquake Preparedness  Establish Family Earthquake Plan –Practice Drills  Choose Out-of-State Friend/Relative –Person Family Members Can Contact to Report Whereabouts & Conditions  Learn First Aid/CPR  Organize Neighborhood to Be Self- Sufficient After an Earthquake  Prepare Earthquake Emergency Kit

9 Home Earthquake Emergency Kit  1 Gallon of Water per Person per Day (3 Day Minimum)  First Aid Kit/Book  3 Days of Food  Non-Electric Can Opener  Portable Radio, Flashlights, & Batteries  Extra Glasses, House/Car Keys  Essential Medications  ABC Fire Extinguisher  Blankets/Sleeping Bag  Water Purification Kit  Essentials for Infants, Elderly, or Pets  Instructions on How to Turn Off: Gas, Water, and Electricity


11 Home Earthquake Preparedness  Secure Pictures  Secure Hot Water Heater  Wrench Near Emergency Gas Shut Off  Secure Heavy Items  Know Safe Spots in Every Room –Sturdy Tables, Desks  Know Dangerous Spots in Every Room –Windows, Hanging Objects, Fireplace, Appliances

12 During an Earthquake - Indoors  Stay There! Do NOT Run Outside  Stay Calm & Remember the Phase, “Duck, Cover, and Hold” –Duck – And Look for Cover –Cover – Under a Sturdy Desk or Table –Hold – Onto the Furniture Leg Until Shaking Stops

13 During an Earthquake - Indoors  Face Away from Windows  Stay Clear of Tall Objects that May Topple Over  Watch for Falling Objects

14 During an Earthquake – In an Elevator  Will Not Fall Down the Shaft  May Lose Power  May Stop & Lights May Go Out  Use Emergency Alarm  Await Emergency Crew & Follow Directions

15 Public Areas  Steer Clear of Panicking Crowds & Structural Hazards  Theatre – Crouch in Seat  Ball Park or Stadium –Go to the Open Play Field – Not the Exits  Shopping Malls –Avoid Glass Displays –Head to Back of Shop  Warehouse Store

16 Outdoors  Get into the Open  Stay Clear of Buildings & Power Lines  Do Not Smoke or Light Matches or Lighters  If Driving: –Stop If Safe, But Stay Inside Car  Avoid Stopping Under Trees, Light Posts, Power Lines, or Signs –Stay Away from Bridges, Overpasses & Tunnels

17 Outdoors  In Mountainous Area –Falling Rocks & Other Debris  On the Beach/Ocean Front –Move to Higher Ground or Several Hundred Yards Inland –Tsunami Hazard  Several Hours Afterwards  Multiple Tsunamis  1964 Alaska 8.5 Earthquake –11 Fatalities Directly From Earthquake –120 Fatalities From Tsunami

18 After Initial Shock Have Subsided  Remain Calm & Be Prepared for Aftershocks  Check for Injuries & Administer First Aid to the Degree You Are Trained for  Check for Obvious Hazards & Damage on Your Floor  Do Not Turn on or Off any Lighting or Electrical Devices

19 After Initial Shock Have Subsided  Do Not Use Telephones Except in Extreme Emergencies –Make Sure Phone is on the Hook to Receive Emergency Information Calls  Follow Directions Over the Building PA System or by the Floor Wardens  Use Emergency Supplies If Necessary

20 Floor Wardens After Quake  Gather Occupants at Pre-Selected Gathering Place & Perform Head Count–Is Everyone Accounted For?  Search Floor for Missing or Injured Personnel  Attend Injured Persons

21 Floor Wardens After Quake  Prepare Condition Report for Area & Provide to Building Management –Number of People on Floor –Number of Injured People & Description of Injuries –Description of Apparent Structural Damage –Immediate Needs  Floor Cannot Immediately Evacuate –Must Assess Damage to Stairways

22 Floor Wardens After Quake  Turn- On Battery-Operated Radio –Assign Someone to Keep Track on What is Going on in the Surrounding Community –Listen for Emergency Instructions  Take Inventory of Emergency Supplies –May Be Needed to Last Several Days –Conserve Supplies  Await for O.K. to Evacuate

23 Be About Earthquake Safety Smart

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