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病人的清洁卫生 ( 一 ) 中国医科大学护理学院 吕 岩. Cleanliness and hygiene.

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1 病人的清洁卫生 ( 一 ) 中国医科大学护理学院 吕 岩

2 Cleanliness and hygiene

3 Individual hygiene practice Culture Personal preferences Health and energy Developmental level EnvironmentReligion

4 Functional Levels of Self-Care  Totally dependent  Moderately dependent  Semidependent

5 Types of Hygienic Care  Morning Care (AM Care)  Hour of Sleep Care (HS Care)  As-Needed Care (prn Care)

6 Oral Care

7 Assessing  Nursing History Nursing History  Physical assessment Physical assessment  Risk factors Risk factors  Assessment of clients with denture

8 Nursing History  Oral hygiene practices —determine learning needs and incorporate the client’s needs and preferences  Self-care ability —determine the amount and type of nursing assistance to provide  Past or current mouth problems — alert the nurse to specific interventions required or referrals

9 Physical Assessment  Dental caries (龋齿)  Periodontal disease( 牙周组织疾病) Gingivitis (牙龈炎)  Mucosa,lip, tongue, odor


11 (plaque) (tartar)

12 牙垢(牙石)

13 龋齿的形成


15 没受酸影响的健 康的牙釉柱 受酸影响而脱矿 损的牙釉柱 氟与唾液中的矿物 质再度矿化及重建 牙釉柱



18 牙周疾病 牙龈炎 牙周炎 严重的牙周炎




22 地 图 舌地 图 舌

23 牛肉舌 镜面舌 裂纹舌

24 Risk Factors  Lack of knowledge  Inability  People with hasogastric tubes or receiving oxygen  Oral or jaw surgery  Inadequate nutrition  Excessive intake of refined sugars  Family history  Older people  Dry mouth

25 Diagnosing  Self-Care Deficit  Altered Oral Mucous Membrane  Knowledge Deficit

26 Planning  To maintain or improve oral hygiene practices  To maintain or restore the integrity of the oral tissues  To prevent associated risks such as dental caries and inflammation or injury of the gums, tongue, or oral mucosa Goals

27 Nursing Interventions  Teaching client about good oral hygiene practices and other measures to prevent tooth decay  Assisting dependent clients with oral care  Providing special oral hygiene for clients who are debilitated, unconscious,or have lesions of the mucosa membrane or other oral tissue

28 Implementing (一) Teaching oral hygiene 1.Brushing the teeth 2.Flossing the teeth 3.Health education (二) Caring for artificial dentures (三) Special oral care

29 Hair Care

30 Assessing  Nursing history 1.Hair Care Practices 2.Self-Care Abilities 3.Past or Current Hair Problems  Physical assessment Dandruff, hair loss, pediculosis




34 男性脱发一般进程

35 Diagnosing  Self-Care Deficit  Impaired Skin Integrity  Risk for Infection  Body Image Disturbance

36 Planning  Maintain or improve hair care  Maintain or improve a sense of well-being  Prevent specific hair and scalp problems Goals

37 Nursing Intervention  Performs hair grooming with assistance  Has clean,well-groomed,resilient hair with a healthy sheen  Has reduced or absent scalp lessions or infestations  Describes contributing factors, interventions,and preventive measures for specific hair problems

38 Implementing  Brushing and combing hair  Shampooing the hair  灭头虱法

39 Pediculosis (虱病)




43 30 %含酸百部酊剂 百部 30g 放在瓶中,加 50 % 乙醇 100ml (或 65° 白酒 100ml ), 再加入 纯乙酸 1ml 盖严, 48 小时 后即制得此药

44 30 %百部含酸煎剂 取百部(干品) 30g ,加水 500ml 煎煮 30min ,以双层纱布过滤,将药渣中的药液 挤出。将药渣再加水 500ml 煎 30min ,再以 双层纱布过滤,挤出药液。将两次煎得的 药液合并,浓缩至 100ml ,冷却后加入纯乙 酸 1ml ,即制得 30 %百部含酸煎剂。若无乙 酸,可用食醋代替,纯乙酸 1ml 相当于市售 食醋 30ml 。

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