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Periodontal Disease Cause, Effect and Prevention.

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1 Periodontal Disease Cause, Effect and Prevention

2 Gum Disease: - There are two types of gum disease: * Gingivitis and Periodontitis Gingivitis= Less severe form of Periodontitis - Causes red, swollen gums - Minimal pain or discomfort * Caused from poor oral hygiene, mostly from food particles lodged in between teeth CAN BE REVERSED! (professional dental treatment or quality home care)

3 More Causes of Gingivitis Due to the long term effects of plaque on your teeth - major cause of tooth decay * Is made from bacteria, mucus, and food particles found on exposed tooth. Plaque, if not removed, becomes tartar - hard deposit trapped at the base of tooth; irritate and inflame gums - Cause gums to become infected and swollen

4 PERIODONTITIS Leads to chronic swelling and inflammation, severe inflammation loosens the teeth that will eventually fall out. Infected pockets develop where teeth once were. Gingivitis untreated becomes… PERIODONTITIS. This means that bacteria between teeth has moved underneath the gum line

5 The Different Types of Periodontitis Three Major Types: Aggressive periodontitis : This involves rapid gum and tooth destruction and tends to run in families. Chronic periodontitis :The most common type, chronic periodontitis gradually causes gum instability, eventual tooth loss, and infection. Necrotizing periodontal disease :In this severe form of gum disease, the gums, supporting ligaments in the mouth, and the upper part of your jawbone are destroyed. This type of gum disease is more likely in people who have underlying conditions such as profound malnutrition and immune system disorders, including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection

6 IF and WHEN you need treatment. Are your gums swollen? Do they bleed when you brush your teeth or feel sore if/when you floss? Have your gums felt this way for more than two week? - GO SEE YOUR DENTIST

7 Before…After Gingivitis Periodontitis

8 CONTRIBUTING FACTORS TO PERIODONTAL DISEASE Age Overall Health Smoking History - 2 out of 3 people who smoke will develop Periodontal Disease Family History (Does Periodontal Disease run in the family) If you have Gingivitis or Periodontitis

9 PREVENTION Brush and floss daily. Have your teeth cleaned by a dental professional at least twice a year. If you have persistent problems with your gums — including bleeding, redness, swelling, loose teeth, a change in your ability to chew, or a change in how your dentures fit — ask your dentist to refer you to a gum specialist.

10 Periodontal Disease can cause… Low term birth weight in pregnant women Complicates diabetic condition Could lead to cardiovascular disease by way of atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries Evidence is suggesting that it could be contributory factor to Alzheimer's in Geriatric Population as well as complicating other factors to deteriorating organ systems of the body

11 Dr. Gary L. Giangreco DDS “The simple fact is people are living longer, and PD is a major problem in Baby Boomers and the Geriatric Population. The number one problem in PD is tooth loss. as you know, the primary purpose of teeth is the breakdown of food during mastication (chewing). As the number of teeth diminish, so to does your ability to breakdown food. This leads to improper nutrition as well as the constant habitual swallowing of unchewed boluses of food. This has a direct result in the overuse of the secondary part of digestion i.e. stomach and intestines (acid reflux and ulcers). Consequently people who don’t have full function of their dentition will have a shortened life expectancy due to both poor nutrition and digestive ill - health.”

12 How to teach children the best way to prevent Periodontal Disease. 15 to 20 minute lesson plans over the course of 3 class days * K-6 grades -3_Days_15-20min.pdf3_Days_15-20min.pdf Educator and Parent guide to helping (your) children with their dental hygiene * Educators_Guide_2009.pdfEducators_Guide_2009.pdf

13 Demos and Videos videos.php videos.php

14 Class Activities Egg Activity Show your child a hardboiled egg, and then ask her about the purpose of the shell. Discuss how the egg shell helps to protect the rest of the egg and compare the egg shell to your teeth. Place the egg shell in a jar of vinegar and ask your child what she thinks will happen to the egg. After a couple of days, remove the egg from the jar. Have your child observe that the shell is soft and partially destroyed. Explain that the same thing can happen to teeth if they are not taken care of properly. This activity will help her to understand the importance of teeth brushing and flossing. Painting Activity Using yellow construction paper, cut out several large tooth shapes. Show the shapes to your child and talk about how teeth can become yellow if you do not brush them or if you eat a lot of things that can harm your teeth. Give your child white paint to use and tell him to pretend that it is toothpaste. Let him use the "toothpaste" and a paintbrush to make the teeth clean and white again. Apple Activity Show your child an apple and ask her to pretend that the apple is a tooth. Using a stick, poke a hole into the apple. Tell her that the hole is like a cavity, a small hole that forms in our teeth if we do not brush, floss and eat healthy food. Place the apple in a spot where it can be seen easily for a few days. After a few days, ask your child to talk about what the apple looks like and how the hole has made it brown and no longer any good. Discuss how you can keep cavities from forming by brushing after every meal and visiting the dentist regularly. Dramatic Play Gather all of the materials necessary to make a pretend dentist office. You will need a chair, toothbrush, mirror, and anything else that can make the scene more realistic and fun, such as a white shirt to wear as a dentist's coat. Lie back in the chair and let your child pretend to be a dentist as he examines your mouth, pretends to brush your teeth and tells you if your teeth are healthy. Acting out this scenario may help your child to understand the importance of going to the dentist and make the actual visit more appealing

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