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My Visit to the Dentist A Social Story Special-Ism.com1.

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1 My Visit to the Dentist A Social Story Special-Ism.com1

2 Heading to the Dentist Take a picture of the outside of your dental office. Add it here and include a description. We are going to the dentist…. Take a picture of any signage that the dental practice offers. Add it here. It is important to visit the dentist every 6 months to get a cleaning and a check up. Special-Ism.com2

3 Once We Get There… Take and insert a picture of the reception area and include receptionists for familiarity. When we get inside, we will check in at the front desk. These are the friendly receptionists we will meet. Take and insert a picture of the child friendly section of the waiting room. Next we will have a seat in the waiting room. In the waiting room, you can read a book, play with the toys or play with your own favorite toy that you bring. Remember, use your indoor voice while waiting in the waiting room. Special-Ism.com3

4 When They Call My Name… Take a picture of what is beyond the doors – it will go a long way in reducing anxiety. When they call your name, you will go behind the doors into the dental office where you will find…. Share here what your dental office shows. Take a picture of the dental chairs – where your child will be going. This is the dental chair that you will be sitting in. This chair can lie back or remain upright. When the dentist looks at your teeth, they will lie the chair back. Special-Ism.com4

5 The Hygienist… Take a picture of the hygienist who will work with your child. The Dental Hygienist (insert name) will meet me by the chair. Take a pic of the dental hygienist wearing mask, goggles and gown. The Dental Hygienist has to put on special equipment such as goggles, a mask, and gown. The gown protects her clothes from getting wet with water or toothpaste. The mask and goggles protect her from getting water or toothpaste in her eyes or mouth. Special-Ism.com5

6 What To Expect? Take a picture of the tools on the dental tray that will be used for your child and explain what each tool is for. This is a special tray that has all the equipment the dentist and hygienist need. There is a little mirror so that they can see behind my teeth. There is a little polisher that they will use to make your teeth nice and shiny. Take a picture of other equipment in the room that may be used with your child and explain what these are. For example, “Mr. Thirsty” is used to suck out all the water and toothpaste while they are cleaning your teeth. Be specific to your dental office and what they will name things. Special-Ism.com6

7 Meet the Dentist Take a picture of the dentist who will be seeing your child and explain that the dentist will be counting teeth. This is the dentist. His name is Dr. Sam. He likes to come in to see you after the hygienist has made your teeth all clean and shiny. He likes to count teeth and will see how many you have. Include a picture of a desired reward for a job well done! Congratulations! You are all done and your did a great job. Now your teeth are sparkly white and nice and smooth! Since you did such a great job, we are going to go to the ice cream shop and get you a double scoop of your favorite ice cream. (Or insert another reward) Special-Ism.com7

8 All Done! Good Job! Add pic of outside dentist office (can be the same as the first picture) A job well done! Congratulations again. We are leaving the dentist’s office. (It is best practice to show children with autism that there is an end to a task.) Add pic of smiling parent and child in the parking lot. My mom smiles at me. She is happy and proud of me for visiting the dentist. I smile, too. I am happy my teeth feel so smooth and look so clean and bright. Special-Ism.com8

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