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“You cannot be healthy without oral health.” Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health ~May 2000 1 WDSF 2011 ©

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1 “You cannot be healthy without oral health.” Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health ~May WDSF 2011 ©

2 Statistics and Risks 80% of Washington residents over age 65 have some of their natural teeth Difficult to care for teeth High risk for oral disease Statistics and Risks Natural teeth: about 75% of people ages 60+ have some natural teeth Severe gum disease: nearly 23 % of adults ages Oral cancer: diagnosed in nearly 31,000 Americans each year Mouth dryness: a side effect of many common medications and can cause tooth decay 5 WDSF 2011


4 1 2 8

5 Decay ToothFoodPlaque 9 WDSF 2011

6 += + = Acid Attacks Last for 20 Minutes 6 WDSF 2011

7 NO brushing for two days NO brushing for one day NO brushing for three days 11 WDSF 2011

8 Tooth Decay Abscessed Teeth Facial swelling from abscess WDSF 2011

9 Gingivitis Red, puffy, bleeding gums Periodontal Disease Bad odor/taste, tooth/bone loss Bacterial Infection (Plaque) Gum Problems 9 WDSF 2011

10 Gum Problems GingivitisPeriodontitis 10 WDSF 2011

11 Diabetes Smoking Oral Disease Higher Risk But Preventable 11 WDSF 2011

12 People with diabetes and uncontrolled blood sugar…  Are more likely to have periodontal disease  May have more difficulty controlling blood sugar  Are more susceptible to contracting infections  Should be treated to eliminate perio infection 16 WDSF 2011

13  Brush  Twice per day; 2 minutes minimum  Bedtime brushing is most important  Soft brush, gentle circular motion  Floss  Once per day  Cleans between teeth where brush misses  Fluoride  Toothpaste, mouth rinse, water supply  Eat Healthy Foods 18 WDSF 2011

14  Limit sweet or sticky snacks  Eat healthy snacks: cheese, fruits, vegetables  Eat full meals instead of sipping, nibbling and/or grazing  Drink fluoridated water instead of juice or soda throughout the day – avoid sipping on sugary drinks 19 WDSF 2011

15 Left side = 5 days no brushing Right side = 3 days no brushing Teeth brushed with back and forth movement Teeth brushed with circular motion 20 WDSF 2011

16 21 WDSF 2011 When Periodontal Disease is Present

17 Saliva Cleanses the Mouth Kills Bacteria Neutralizes Acids Puts Minerals Back in Teeth Moistens the Mouth Without enough saliva, oral problems can develop quickly! The Wonders of Saliva 17 WDSF 2011

18 Possible Causes: Medication side-effect (over 400 meds) Chemotherapy or radiation treatments Salivary gland problem Medical conditions 18 WDSF 2011

19 Plaque, Decay Tongue Cracks on corners of lips Dry painful tongue Possible fungal infection 19 WDSF 2011

20 Managing Dry Mouth 1.Physician may change medications 2. Drink more water 3. Protect teeth with fluoride 4. Use a saliva substitute 5. Avoid: Sugary snacks or drinks Beverages with caffeine or alcohol Mouthwashes with alcohol Tobacco S ucking on hard sugar candies to increase saliva 20 WDSF 2011

21 Saliva Substitutes  Increase moisture and comfort  Biotene or Orajel products Rinse, gel, Toothpaste, gum Xylitol  Sugar substitute  Prevents decay; repairs early decay  Gum, mints, dry mouth products 21 WDSF 2011

22 Lack of Food Failing Appetite Altered Taste Small Meals Soft Diets Finances Medical Issues Arthritis Limited Mobility Vision Hearing Problems Mental Health Problems 22 WDSF 2011

23 Lack of Vitamins and MineralsSoft Diet Limits Intake Sore TongueCracks at corners of mouth Food Debris, Plaque 23 WDSF 2011

24 Broken Teeth Missing Teeth Decayed Teeth Dry Mouth 24 WDSF 2011

25 How much sugar? 4 grams sugar = 1 tsp Total grams divided by 4 Equals total teaspoons of sugar per serving Nutrition Facts Chocolate Milk 16 oz. Serving Size 8 oz. 2 servings per pkg. Amount Per Serving Calories 180 Sugars 28 g = 7 tsp Sugar per Package = 14 tsp. 25 WDSF 2011

26 30,000 new cases per year 8,000 deaths per year Tobacco and alcohol users have a greater chance of developing cancer Painless in the early stages Report symptoms  Sores that do not heal within 2 weeks  Lumps, bumps, or swelling; red or white patches  Difficulty chewing or swallowing 26 WDSF 2011 ©

27 Irritation from Partial Denture WDSF 2011 ©

28 28 Consumers with dentures need yearly exams.  Tissue exam  Comfort and fit of dentures  Check for broken teeth or sharp edges  Oral cancer screening WDSF 2011 ©

29 29 Soak Nightly Brush Daily Check for Cracks, Sharp Edges, Broken Teeth Dentures Collect Plaque, Hard Deposits, and Stains Gently Brush Gums, Tongue, Roof of Mouth WDSF 2011 ©

30 Funding for this Program was brought to you by a grant received by Aging & Adult Care of Central Washington from Delta Dental. WDSF 20111

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