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The Etiology of malocclusion

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1 The Etiology of malocclusion
General factors Local factors Skeletal factor Muscle factor Dental factor

2 Local factors affecting occlusal development
Dr. Ahmed AL-Mayali B.D.S M.Sc. Ortho.

3 Local factors affecting occlusal development
1 Aberrant position of individual teeth 2 Supernumerary teeth 3 Developmental hypodontia 4 The labial frenum 5 Thumb or finger sucking

4 Aberrant developmental position of individual teeth
Upper canine…...lower 3rd molar upper central incisor …...lower central incisor Trauma Congenital displaced


6 Aberrant developmental position of upper canine teeth
Why? Space deficiency…….×

7 Location of the unerupted malpositioned canine
A-Visual examination B- Palpation 3- Radiography

8 A-Visual examination

9 B- Palpation

10 Radiography 2 Intra-oral (periapical)
1 Intra-oral (periapical) 2 Anterior occlusal and oblique occlusal 3 Rotational tomography ( O.P.G ) 4 Postero-anterior and true lateral



13 1-Removal of the tooth. 2-Alignment into the dental arch with appliances. 3-Immediate repositioning of the tooth by extraction and reimplantation. 4-No treatment.

14 2- Supernumerary teeth Supplementary teeth Conical teeth
Tuberculate teeth

15 A- Supplementary teeth
Normal form Extra upper & lower incisors Effect…………...

16 B- Conical teeth

17 C- Tuberculate teeth Premaxilla Palatal
Delay eruption central incisors C- Tuberculate teeth

18 3- Developmental hypodontia


20 The effect of hypodontia on dental occlusion
form …incisors…..coniform & molars position …..more teeth…….spacing growth of the jaws. Basal part Alveolar part Vertical ,transverse, anteroposterior

21 4- The labial frenum

22 causes of upper median diastema
1-low and thick attachment 2-Hypodontia. 3-Proclination of incisors. 4-General spacing. 5-The presence of supernumerary teeth. 6-Ugly duckling stage.

23 Ugly duckling stage

24 Treatment 1-surgery 2-fixed appliance


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