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Healthy Teeth & Kids: Profiling 3 Existing Digital Strategies to Engage Children in Oral Health Larisa Naderiani, HBSc, DDS. Tufts University School of.

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1 Healthy Teeth & Kids: Profiling 3 Existing Digital Strategies to Engage Children in Oral Health Larisa Naderiani, HBSc, DDS. Tufts University School of Medicine

2 Significance Tooth decay (a cavity) is the #1 chronic disease in both children and adults, even though it is largely preventable. Source: NIDCR via The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

3 Rationale Childhood is when many behavioral habits are developed: nose picking, nail biting, and especially tooth brushing! My interest in this topic is both professional and personal Continued missed opportunities to bridge oral health and technology to ensure optimal oral health habits, at a time when the individual is primed for habitual learning. Healthy oral habits early on = healthy teeth and gums throughout life = less future dental disease = more reasons to SMILE.

4 Organizations Profiled
The Nova Scotia Dental Association's Healthy Teeth Delta Dental's My Smile Kids The American Dental Association's Mouth Healthy Kids As a healthcare provider I’m always looking for good resources to refer my patients to. Why These Org’s? **Effective digital communication strategies are pivotal to the explicit goal of each of these 3 initiatives. Tech is a central focus - not secondary, not an accessory, and not a mere afterthought. All 3 are affiliated with a larger anchor organization, (1 insurance carrier, 2 dentist member associations) All 3 are North American, English based (2 national, 1 state level)/(2 American, 1 Canadian) All 3 have a strong online presence (vs. others in this field who fall into the same category) All 3 are 1st page Google ‘hits’ when ‘Kids Oral Health’ is the search term used - All 3 are organizations which do not directly represent or advertise commercial entities (i.e., Crest, Colgate, OralB, etc...)

5 Healthy Teeth NSDA  Healthy Teeth
A non-profit joint initiative of the State School Board & State Dentists’ Association. © 2014 NSDA Mission: To serve the needs of the State’s >500 dentist members Healthy Teeth Initiative’s Goal: An oral education database to teach children directly and/or indirectly (i.e., via lessons taught by elementary school teachers or parents) Target Audience: Elementary school aged children, grades 3 to 6 Online Presence: NSDA = Nova Scotia Dental Association (state level) Fairly new (Feb 2014 earliest post) Target audience not specified for Nova Scotia children only, but standards of care referenced are Canadian ones

6 : Web “Above the fold” screenshot of main page
Color theme and concept very appropriate and enticing for target audience Centre is a marquee that previews different web site features as an automatic slide show Easily accessible social media and blog links at top toolbar Pull Down Menus include links to educational materials (text, photos, info-graphics, videos), a virtual tour of dental office (panoramic videos with zoom features), games, Q&A, contests (not updated since February), and a virtual coloring book. Only 1 banner ad runs on all pages, excluding home page (ad content alternates between non-profit Christian humanitarian mission and free Disney Magic Timer brushing app by OralB)

7 Blog Twitter @theNSDA 1 post Not maintained 128 followers
216 tweets (avg 2-3/wk) Inconsistent audience vs. content Twitter: Account is more regular but a complete and sudden change of audience (dentist membership newsletter format almost). Tweets almost exclusively re: elections, news clippings, and CE courses. Unclear why it’s linked from main kid’s web page even.

8 Instagram Facebook 0 posts 21 likes Never activated
10 posts (avg 1-3/mo) Mainly link-based posts Facebook: Bare and irregular maintenance. Appropriateness of content for grades 3-6 questionable on timeline feed (e.g., resources for quitting smoking?)

9 : SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Site design concept is kid-friendly
Color & graphics theme maintained from site through social media, easily identifiable & consistent branding Site navigation is user-friendly, simple Navigation links are cyclical & repetitive Content is interesting and multi-modal Target audience will have access to media via school computers if not at home WEAKNESSES Nothing is bilingual Dead links (Instagram) Failure to update frequently (Instagram, FB) & Twitter handle not catchy or easy to remember, naming inconsistency may result in loss of followers Content & literacy level questionable for target audience Few social media followers OPPORTUNITIES Given partnership with local school board & dentists, can be a platform to advertise initiative to gain popularity Parents & teachers tab can be expanded THREATS -Not keeping up with quick pace of social media will cause loss of followers -Difficult for NPO to compete for audience attention vs. big corporate brand names with more resources (Colgate, Crest, Oral B, Sesame Street) NPO = non profit organization

10 : Recommendations Simple/Low Resource Challenging/Resource Intensive
Social media accounts updated more frequently (i.e., daily) If too labor intensive, should streamline social media (<< scope, >> depth) Twitter account re-vamped to be audience appropriate & include more RT (<< burden of composing original content, can piggyback brand name tweets) Encourage local dentists to set as their screensavers on tech devices used in office waiting areas & link from own office web sites Increase Facebook ‘likes’ with page contests where n-th ‘like’ receives a prize Use of original & catchy social media hashtags may go viral (#flossisboss) Challenging/Resource Intensive Employ a site and social media maintenance team Employ a team to devise a strategy to better integrate social media with site RT = re-tweet or return tweets

11 My Smile Kids Delta Dental  My Smile Kids
America’s largest dental insurance carrier, spans 50 states. A non-profit organization with for-profit affiliates (dentist members & corporate members both). © Delta Dental Mission: The advancement of oral health care to customers, partners & consumers through the dental benefits programs and philanthropic efforts My Smile Kids Initiative’s Goal: To improve oral health & hygiene by emphasizing preventative care in children Target Audience: “Children”, presumably elementary school aged Online Presence: Target audience is national, standards of care referenced are American ones

12 : Web All content on home page is “above the fold”
Screenshot of main page Theme and concept very appropriate and enticing for target audience Colors could be brighter and more inviting Each tab link is multi-modal: text, visual graphic, and audio (child’s voice reads title as you scroll over)

13 Twitter @DeltaDentalins Facebook
3,927 followers 1,813 tweets (avg 1-2 daily) Inconsistent audience vs. content 4,281 likes Weekly posts (avg 4-5/wk) Inconsistent audience vs. content Facebook and Twitter: varied posts, all adult content, also answer customer insurance questions live!

14 : SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Site available in Spanish
Scroll over audio for all nav tabs and links (child’s voice, audience can self-identify) Navigation tabs all multi-modal: text, visual, and audio. All main page content ‘above the fold’ Site navigation is user-friendly, simple Site design concept & content is kid-friendly Printable downloads exist for low/limited access to tech subgroup in audience WEAKNESSES -Twitter & FB links open in existing tab/page -Twitter & FB accounts are for Delta Dental in general, not for My Smile Kids and so content is both inappropriate and irrelevant for target audience -Site color theme is bland, not vibrant -Branding and site theme standalone, do not carry over to social media -Navigation is not cyclical on every page, can only link to home page from some open tabs OPPORTUNITIES -National insurance carrier so can make use of mailers or banner ads in patient gateways to increase visibility of initiative & site traffic -Corporate partnership likely given Delta Dental’s far reach and potential for profit -Parents & teachers tab can be expanded THREATS -Lack of appropriate social media presence -Credibility/intentions of this public service can be questioned as base organization is a dental insurance provider -Given national platform, graphics do not adequately address diversity of audience

15 : Recommendations Simple/Low Resource Challenging/Resource Intensive
Ensure navigation is cyclical: a) set the left nav tab to be permanent and thus appear in the exact same spot and style regardless of tab/page content, and b) divide pages into content specific groups and link within the groups via “suggested” pages/tabs Challenging/Resource Intensive Devise a social media strategy specific to the target audience (kids) with separate accounts which integrate kids content with the main site (direct traffic back and forth through incentives, contests, ‘clicks’) Establish reciprocal business relationships with major dental provider clinical chains, dental materials, and hygiene brands to link site from their main sites

16 : Mouth Healthy Kids ADA  Mouth Healthy  Mouth Healthy Kids The American Dental Association (ADA) is the largest national non-profit organization representing dentist members. © 2013 ADA Mission: To serve the needs of >157k dentist members in the US Mouth Healthy Mission: To be the premier source for public dental health information and a leading advocate for oral health in the US Mouth Healthy Kids Initiative’s Goal: To accomplish this mission with kids Target Audience: Elementary school aged children & pre-teens (“tweens”) Online Presence: Where ADA = American Dental Association Target audience is national, standards of care referenced are American ones

17 : Web Main page, all content is “above the fold”
5 tab top nav bar appears on ALL pages, unaltered Culturally appropriate site (photos and graphics) given national scope No audio More mature site, not very primary as other two were (scope of audience is broader): is both good and bad Pre-teens have own tab Parents and Educators have own tab Activity sheets are print outs for limited/low tech audience Marquee preview slide show of site content on main page Content is streamlined, not overbearing (vs. visuals) or overwhelming (but can get boring, especially since not updated frequently – i.e., (c) 2013 most pages.

18 : Mobile Site Exact same content as full site, rearranged to be more handheld user-friendly. Mobile site is a good idea given that pre-teens are part of their target audience and this population uses handheld mobile devices frequently.

19 : SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS Site available in Spanish
Site available in 3 text sizes (helps early readers in target audience) Mobile site available, no loss of content from full site, & easy to use (mobile access is key for pre-teen audience) Given national platform, site is culturally diverse in content and graphics/photos Top nav bar is easy to use and permanent WEAKNESSES -Complete lack of social media presence (tech dinosaur!) -Lack of density and variety in content -Failure to update content regularly -Bi-modal, uni-dimensional digital strategy -Not very inviting for younger end of target audience (school aged kids), loss of specificity with broadened scope of audience age groups OPPORTUNITIES Social media can be added (free!) & integrated, especially given pre-teen audience group (YouTube, Twitter, FB) Given ADA’s own vast national reach with dentists and patients as well as their umbrella of sites/media access, advertising for this initiative can be easily integrated into other pre-existing projects THREATS -ADA umbrella is vast, umbrella is again vast, could get lost in the matrix or marginalized (ADA has potential to confuse and over saturate own market, i.e., act as own threat) -Again due to large scope of ADA, labor & monetary resources exclusive to this initiative may be difficult to secure

20 : Recommendations Simple/Low Resource Challenging/Resource Intensive
Create a YouTube or Vimeo channel (as most site content is video based, these social media outlets would make the most sense). Pre-teens (‘tweens’) can share expression & personal experiences, which is a popular means of communication for this audience. Challenging/Resource Intensive Create more original content going forward as site is currently heavily reliant on brand name pre-existing content (e.g., Sesame Street) Invest in a social media strategy which will engage pre-teens Invest in a professional web/social media based ad campaign Tween = years old Pre-teen = not yet 13 (usually 11-12)

21 So, How Do They Compare? Target -Kids, grades 3 to 6
-Kids (elementary) -Parents & Teachers -Pre-teens -Educators Site Content -Education (videos, text, info-graphics, virtual tour) -Interaction (games, experiments, activities, quiz, contests) -Education (text, stories, news, info-graphics) -Interaction (games, printed activities, quiz) -Self-diagnostic/referral element -Some education (videos, text), most education is in ‘Educators’ tab -Mostly interaction (games, printed activities, quiz) Social Media -Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram -Twitter, Facebook -Nil Digital Presence -Concept/theme vibrant & engaging experience -Very kid specific -Concept is fun but visuals are bland -Tri-modal engagement: video, audio, text -Bilingual -Concept not very kid specific, also mature -Diversity All sites kids = primary targets while adults are secondary targets Trends: Target Audience: Left to Right = most to least specific Content: Delta & NSDA both have a lot of educational content, All 3 have a lot of interactive content, Delta only one with diagnostic/referral resource element 3) Social Media: Left to Right = most to least

22 In Summary Small scale, specific, well planned Poor maintenance, TLC required Large scale, excellent maintenance Inappropriate social media use Large scale, well planned, non-specific Multiple social media missed opportunities

23 Resources The Nova Scotia Dental Association's Healthy Teeth Delta Dental's My Smile Kids American Dental Association’s Mouth Healthy Kids General Dental Statistics & Information

24 Thank You! Photo credit: me!
Contact: Thank You!

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