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2 Dental porcelain Dental porcelain or dental ceramic is the material using by the dental technicians. It has been created to have many of the same quality as the natural tooth enamel. There are two type of dental porcelain; first is porcelain fused with metal such as gold and silver and second is pure porcelain. Dental porcelain is mostly made to restore and replace the missing tooth which is caused by gum disease in ancient time but in nowadays it also can be used to fix and restore the tooth that has been damaged by decay.

3 Porcelain or ceramics usually have a combination of stronger bonds called ionic and covalent.The strength of an ionic bond depends on the size of the charge on each ion and on the radius of each ion. The greater the number of electrons being shared, is the greater the force of attraction, or the stronger the covalent bond. These types of bonds result in high elastic modulus and hardness, high melting points, low thermal expansion, and good chemical resistance. However, ceramics are also hard and often brittle which lead to fracture.

4 Strength of tooth structures and dental ceramics.

5 Applications of porcelain Dental porcelain can be used for a variety of procedures such as: 1.Porcelain veneers : are thin shells of ceramic that bond directly to the front 2. Dental Crowns : is a tooth-shaped "cap“ that is placed over the tooth that has been got

6 3. Porcelain Crowns is usually made up by porcelain fused with metal such as gold and silver.

7 Porcelain : Pros and Cons A drastic change in your appearance can be achieved by using porcelain veneers. Below are some points which illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of using porcelain veneers. The most obvious advantage of having porcelain veneers is that, it not only fixes your teeth but also gets you a million dollar smile. The beautiful teeth will uplift your spirits and would make you feel confident about yourself. Though you can make your teeth beautiful and lustrous, but might cost you a whooping amount. Having porcelain veneers done on your teeth can cost you around 100 USD to 500 USD per tooth. One can say that the best things in life aren't always free. The life span of porcelain veneers is about ten to fifteen years, which is not a long time, considering the amount of money you shelled out on them. Comparatively, teeth bleaching or other teeth whitening methods are cheaper than porcelain veneers.

8 It is only recommended to people who are not suffering from decaying of teeth or any other dental or gum disease. If after getting porcelain veneers, your gum start bleeding or you suffer from tooth decay, it can lead to many problems for you. Oral hygiene is a must for porcelain veneers. In order to place the porcelain veneers over the tooth enamel, the dentist has to chip some tooth particles. This is a tricky procedure, and needs careful handling. If the teeth has not been bonded with the veneer properly, it can lead to breaking of porcelain veneers later.

9 Referrence 82 metic-treatments/cosmetic-dentistry1.html

10 You don’t have to brush all your teeth… Just the ones you want to keep!


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