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“ Мислення починається з зацікавленості“ Аристотель.

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1 “ Мислення починається з зацікавленості“ Аристотель


3 Типи нестандартних уроків Урок-конференція Урок-КВК Урок-екскурсія Урок-репортаж Урок-брейн-ринг Урок-прес- конференція Урок-казка Театралізований урок Урок-суд Урок-телепередача Літературна вітальня Урок-диспут Урок-семінар Урок захисту проектів

4  Computers Personal, modern Connect, inform, help Make our life easier Progress

5  Tornado Violent, fascinating Moves, blows off, destroys Leaves destruction, death behind Disaster

6 Advantages  E-mail  Getting in touch  Information  Online conversation  Services  Ecommerce  Searching jobs  Advertisement  Entertainment  Online education INTERNET

7 Disadvantages  Insecurity  Addiction  Virus  Spamming  Wrong influence on children  Advertisement  Filtration of information  Accuracy of information  Wastage of time  The English language problems

8 Урок захисту проектів

9 I am ________( your brightest characteristics) I’d like to know _______(something that interests you) I hear _______(imaginative sound) I see _______(imaginative picture) I want _______( a real wish) I am ________( the first line repeated) I imagine myself _______(something that you feel towards your imaginative actions) I touch with my hands ________(something you touch with your hands in your imagination) I worry about ________(something that really troubles you) I cry about ________ (something that makes you sad) I am _________ (the first line repeated) I know ____ (the truth you are sure in) I confirm _________ (something you believe in) I dream about _________( something you really dream about) I try _________ ( something you really make every effort to do) I hope ________(something you really hope on) I am _________ (the first line repeated) THE POEM ABOUT ME

10 I am friendly and reliable I’d like to know more about the world I live in I hear the whisper of the wind and stars I see the stars dancing I want to be loved I am friendly and reliable I imagine myself flying in the sky I touch a fluffy cloud with my hands I worry about my dearest people I cry about unhappy children I am friendly and reliable I know kindness will save our world I confirm happy people can’t be cruel I dream about a happy life I try to be happy I hope to find my place in the world I am friendly and reliable

11 Great Britain  10 places to see in the UK before you die  Castles of Scotland  Ghosts of England  Madame Tussaude’s  Royal and ceremonial London  Scotland  The Beatles’ Story  Westminster Abbey  England – Sportland  Universities of Great Britain

12 Якщо ви володієте знанням, дайте іншим запалити від нього свої світильники. Т. Фулер

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