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Chapter 39-43 vocabulary. Cano, canere, cecini, cantus To sing.

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1 Chapter 39-43 vocabulary

2 Cano, canere, cecini, cantus To sing

3 Ludus, ludi, m. Game, school Derivatives? Ludicrous, elude, delusional, delude, allude, allusion, postlude, interlude

4 Intersum, interesse, interfui, interfuturus To be important Derivatives? Interest, interesting

5 Saevus, saeva, saevum Fierce, savage Derivatives? Savage, savagery

6 nusquam nowhere

7 Verbum, verbi, n. Word, verb Derivatives? Verb, verbatim, verbose, verbal

8 Lingua, linguae, f. Tongue, language Derivatives? Linguist, lingual, bilingual

9 post After, later Derivatives? Post mortem, post-apocalyptic, post scriptum

10 sic Thus, in this way Derivatives? “Sic semper tyrannis”

11 Comes, comitis, m/f. Companion Derivatives? Concomitant

12 Bellum, belli, n. War Derivatives? Belligerent, antebellum

13 Ante Previously, before Derivatives? Antebellum, antemortem

14 Soleo, solēre, solitus sum To be accustomed (to) Derivatives? Insolent, solecism, obsolete

15 Valeo, valēre, valui, valiturus To be well, to be strong Derivatives? Valor, valiant, valid, valuable, valedictorian, valediction

16 Repello, repellere, reppuli, repulsus To drive off, drive back Derivatives? Repel, repellant, repulse, repulsive

17 Poena, poenae (f) Punishment, penalty Derivatives? Subpoena, penalty, penal, penitentiary, penalize

18 Audeo, audēre, ausus sum To dare Derivatives? Audacity, audacious

19 Desilio, desilire, desilui To leap down Derivatives? Desultory

20 Inde From there Derivatives? Indigenous

21 Disco, discere, didici To learn Derivatives? Discern, discover

22 Verus, -a, -um True Derivatives? Verify, veritable, veracious

23 Cupio, cupere, cupivi, cupitus To want, desire Derivatives? Cupid

24 Crudelis, -is, -e Cruel Derivatives? Cruel, cruelty, crude

25 Primo First, at first Derivatives? Primal, primate, primogeniture

26 Texo, texere, texui, textus To weave Derivatives? Texture, textile

27 Talia, talium (n. pl.) Such things

28 Tela, -ae (f) Web, fabric

29 Quantum…! How much…! Derivatives? Quantity, quantify, quantitative, quantifiable

30 Foras Outside Derivatives? Forage

31 Dicitur He/she/it is said Derivatives? Diction, dictionary, valediction

32 Studium, -i (n) Enthusiasm Derivatives? Study, studious

33 Discedo, discedere, discessi, discessurus To depart

34 Supero, superare, superavi, superatus To overcome Derivatives? Insuperable

35 Coorior, cooriri, coortus sum To rise up, arise Derivatives? NONE…IT’S WHAT FALCONS DO!

36 quoniam since

37 Pauper, pauper, pauperis Poor Derivatives? Pauper

38 Digitus, digiti, m. Finger Derivatives? Digit, digital

39 Ventus, venti, m. Wind Derivatives? Vent, ventricle, ventricular, ventilation

40 Evado, evadere, evasi, evasus To escape Derivatives? Evade, evasion

41 Cognosco, cognoscere, cognovi, cognitus To find out, learn Derivatives? Cognitive, recognize, incognito

42 Di immortales! OMG! Good heavens! Derivatives? Immortal, immortality

43 Unda, undae, f. Wave Derivatives? Undulate, inundated, redundant

44 Adorior, adoriri, adortus sum To attack

45 contra Against Derivatives? Contradiction, contrary, contrast, contravene, counter

46 quo There, to that place

47 Pugio, pugionis, m. Dagger

48 Convalesco, convalescere, convalui To get well, grow stronger Derivatives? Convalescence, convalescent

49 Resisto, resistere, restiti To resist Derivatives? Resist, resistance

50 cum With, when, since, because, although Derivatives? Prefix (co-): cooperate, accompany, collaborate, commiserate

51 Senex, senis, m. Old man Derivatives? Senile, senility, senescent

52 Pecunia, pecuniae, f. Money Derivatives? Pecuniary, impecunious

53 Calor, caloris, m. Heat Derivatives? Calorie, caloric

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