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Ch. 1 & 2 Characters OF MICE AND MEN. CHARACTERS.

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1 Ch. 1 & 2 Characters OF MICE AND MEN


3 Lennie – likes to pet soft things, blindly devoted to George and their vision of the farm, and has incredible physical strength. George – short-tempered but a loving and devoted friend; begins as an idealist with hopes and dreams, but ends the novel as a realist. CHARACTERS

4 Candy – fears that his old age is making him useless (like his dog); his dream of living on the farm is a distraction from harsh reality. Curley – insecure and confrontational; tries to compensate for his small size by picking fights with larger men. CHARACTERS

5 Curley’s Wife – not given a name; initially seen as a “tart”; dissatisfied with her life; lonely Crooks – named for his crooked back; intelligent, proud, bitter, funny, and lonely CHARACTERS

6 Carlson – a gruff man who complains about Candy’s old dog and shoots the dog to end its suffering; has a Luger pistol Slim – highly skilled mule driver; other characters look to him for advice CHARACTERS


8  George, Lennie, Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s Wife admit to feeling loneliness and isolation  Each desires the comfort of a friend but will settle for the ear of a stranger  At their weakest, they seek to destroy those who are weaker than they are THE PREDATORY NATURE OF HUMAN EXISTENCE

9  George & Lennie – dream of owning their own land  Candy & Crooks – become interested in living on George and Lennie’s land  Curley’s Wife – resigns herself to being unhappily married.  (We’ll find out about her dreams later). THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF THE AMERICAN DREAM

10 The men desire to become like brothers to one another. They want to live with one another’s best interests in mind, to protect each other, and to know that there is someone in the world dedicated to protecting them. Given the harsh, lonely conditions under which these men live, it should come as no surprise that they idealize friendships between men in such a way. However, the world is too harsh and predatory a place for such relationships. FRATERNITY AND THE IDEALIZED MALE FRIENDSHIP


12  Women are seen as seductive creatures that get men into trouble.  When Lennie touches a girl’s dress in Weed, she accuses him of rape  Curley’s wife flirts with men, which causes her husband to be jealous THE CORRUPTING POWER OF WOMEN

13  George admits that the life of a ranch hand is among the loneliest of lives  Migrant workers rarely have anyone to look to for companionship and protection  Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s wife express their deep loneliness throughout the novel LONELINESS AND COMPANIONSHIP

14  Physical Strength  Lennie possess strength beyond his control  Curley is a symbol of authority and is a champion boxer  Physical Weakness  Candy, an aging man, and Crooks, with a crooked back, are physically weak  Mental Strength and Weakness  George is mentally strong  Lennie is mentally weak STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS


16  Seduces the characters and the reader  Represents the possibility of freedom, self- reliance, and protection from the cruel world. GEORGE AND LENNIE’S FARM

17  Represents the victory of the strong over the weak LENNIE’S PUPPY

18  Represents the fate of anyone who has outlived his or her purpose. CANDY’S DOG

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