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Canada Tomáš Strnad, V7A.

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1 Canada Tomáš Strnad, V7A

2 Content general information geographical facts fauna and flora climate
law system population famous people Ottawa sport history summary

3 General information federal constitutional monarchy Ottawa
34 mil. People 10 provinces 3 territories English, French established in 1867 currency = canadian dollar borders only with one state (USA)

4 Geographical facts North America huge area (2nd biggest)
Mount Logan (Rocky Mountains) largest number of lakes in the world 5 big lakes border with USA Niagara falls St. Lawrence river

5 Fauna and Flora Fauna Flora Ice or large forests
on the east cost – most interesting forest complex in the world Canadian hamlock Flora whales Grizzly beavers Canadian hemlock - Jedlovec kanadský observe – pozorovat

6 Climate highly diverse conditions more than a half in subarctic belt
average temperatures vary from region to region cruel winters with lots of snow very big temperature differences temperature falls to – 40 degrees in winter in the north temperature can raise up to 30 degrees in summer in the south diverse – různorodý vary – lišit se cruel - krutý

7 Law system head of state is queen
governor (representative of the queen) prime minister (leader of goverment) Parliament - upper house (Senate) - lower house ( House of Commons) Representative - zástupce

8 Population 34 mil. people Christianity (77%) density 3.5/km2
urbanization 78% Quebec, Toronto, Ottawa Density – hustota zalidnění single religious – nábožensky jednotný

9 Famous people Terry Fox athlete and humanitarian
cancer amputation of leg Marathon of Hope (1980) consideret a national hero Terry Fox runs in over than 60 countries over 500 millions of dollars raised in his name

10 Famous People Leonard Cohen singer and songwriter
one of the best canadian musicians was called the most influential songwriter inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame today he still writes new and new songs influential - vlivný To be inducted – být uveden

11 Ottawa capital of Canada Ontario 900 000 citizens
not the biggest (Toronto) seat of the praliament and governor called by the river Ottawa which flows through this city flow - protékat

12 Sport Ice hockey is sport number one lakros
Canadian football (same as american) great conditions for winter sports (alpine skying, skying, …) The Winter Olympic games in 2010 in Vancouver

13 History Vikings in 10th century
colonized by France in 15th and 16th century (province Quebec) Jacques Cartier 1689 – 1763 French-Indian wars 1774 – Quebec Act 18th century - division of Quebec Lower Canada and Upper Canada (Ontario) 1867 – Constitution act 1940s – II. World war division - rozdělení

14 Summary big country part of British empire Queen Elisabeth II

15 Sources

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