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Chapter 1 Alien Encounters—Europe in the Americas.

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1 Chapter 1 Alien Encounters—Europe in the Americas

2 Columbus Why such a big deal? He wasn’t the first! Why did he want to go to Asia? Spain’s American Empire: how did Spain quickly gain dominance in North and South America? “Immense land brought out the best and worst in human beings.”

3 Indians and Europeans “One of the most flagrant examples of unprovoked aggression” EXAMPLES? How did cultural values play a large role in the MISUNDERSTANDINGS that occurred? Religion, treatment of nature, warfare, concept of land ownership, monogamy vs. polygamy, challenge to European Christian beliefs

4 Disease and Population Losses "It was the general rule among the Spaniards to be cruel; not just cruel, but extraordinarily cruel so that harsh and bitter treatment would prevent Indians from daring to think of themselves as human beings or having a minute to think at all. So they would cut an Indian's hands and leave them dangling by a shred of skin and they would send him on saying "Go now, spread the news to your chiefs." They would test their swords and their manly strength on captured Indians and place bets on the slicing off of heads or the cutting of bodies in half with one blow." --Bartolome de las Casas H ow many total lost? Europeans NEEDED Indians

5 Spain’s European Rivals Dutch, English and French: Cartier English and French delay: Spain's internal tranquility vs. English/French unrest What led to Spain’s decline?

6 English Beginnings Early troubles? Role of Armada? Settlement of Virginia: James I granted a charter, proved motivation of King and Company! Jamestown: a DISASTER! Why? (at least 3 reasons) tobacco, wilderness and "gentlemen," skills. More than 50% die in first winter

7 Puritans and Plymouth Colony Why make the dangerous trip? Role of the Mayflower Compact: society based on set of rules chosen by members Winthrop and Massachusetts Bay Colony: "Citty Upon a Hill" A rchbishop Laud's further persecution pushes 10,000 here by 1640 (Boston founded) R ole of Religion in Puritan Society

8 Two Troublemakers Roger Williams: "Forced religion stinks in God's nostrils." Anne Hutchinson: felt Puritan view was flawed, banished to RI Roger_Williams.asf Anne_Hutchinson.asf I knew you were trouble when you walked in

9 Other New England Colonies Maine and New Hampshire Hartford founded 1636, Thomas Hooker's role French and Dutch Settlements: de Champlain and Quebec, Dutch in West Indies and New Netherlands

10 Maryland and the Carolinas How were settlers after 1630 like athletes after Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile? conditions in Europe encouraged thousands to migrate Realities of life in America limited freedom of actions and profits Examples: Maryland, Carolina (split in 1712 into North and South)

11 The Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey William Penn and Quakers found Pennsylvania What did Quakers stand for? "you can talk to your maker," "Holy Experiment," fair treatment of Indians, colony prospered and grew

12 Indians and Europeans as “Americanizers” “Christians in this Land have become too like unto the Indians.” --Increase Mather Agree/disagree? Why? G ive examples of survival skills absorbed by both sides Colonists: what to eat, how to catch/grow it, what to wear, corn, birchbark canoe Indians: metal, guns, clothing, ornaments, alcohol Both groups profited from fur trade: Indians more efficient hunters, Colonists wealthy

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