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A Successful Black boy English, 9th Grade, Chapter 4.

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1 A Successful Black boy English, 9th Grade, Chapter 4

2 Background  Not known precisely but way back in the early days of the world, people were divided in to many races based on their skin color. There were white, black, brown, yellow and red races.  Africa is the home for the black people.  Several hundred years ago, some cruel men forcefully sailed across some of these poor black people to United States and sold them as slaves. This started the slavery in USA.  Over several years, millions of such people were moved and sold as slaves in the United Sates of America.  These people were slaves for many years and made to work in cotton fields and on sugar plantations.  Just imagine the life of such slaves, how terrible to be dragged away from home and friends and taken to a land so far away from where they could never, ever, return!  One point of time many white people realized that it is not correct to buy / sell people and make them slaves. This lead to a great civil war in the United States.

3 Now the Story Booker is one of those little black slave boy. He lived with his mother in Virginia. One morning during the civil war, Booker saw her mother praying that President Lincoln and northern armies be successful to end Slavery in USA. Few years after this the war ended and all black people were set to free. At age 6, he could not go to school during the day time as he had to go to work. Due to his strong desire to learn, he spent his time in the evening to learn alphabets slowly and finally he learned to read. At the age of 13, he decided to go to the Hampton school that is 500 miles away from home. Booker had little money and with that he travelled by train, on carts, walking and begging to reach a large city 82 miles from Hampton.

4 The Story Continued… Booker was tired and hungry and without money he had to slept on the cold sidewalk in the street. After these struggles he finally reached the school and his first lesson was to sweep one of the classrooms which he did with perfection and care. He learned his lessons with the same care and thoroughness and that made him became a great man. Booker established a small school in Tuskegee, Alabama and he made it successful that the President of United States was glad to visit that school as he wished during the initial days. The same God who prepared Booker to do so much good will help any young person who will earnestly, faithfully and perseveringly do his very best every day. “Who works hard will succeed at last”

5 . Alphabet – the letters used in writing language Elevate – raise, lift up, determined. Earnest – serious Plantation – large estate Persevere – keep on working steadily, continue Queer – unusual Race – tribes having the same original ancestors Slave – a person who is the property of another Stable – a shelter for horses Terrible - cruel Glossary

6 Exercise What are the different colours of human races? In the early days of the world white, black, brown, yellow and red races were present. Which is the home of black race? Africa is the home of black race. How did slavery start in U.S.A? It all started by some cruel man sailing to Africa and forcefully took some poor black people and sold them as slaves in U.S.A. Where are the slaves to put to work? The slaves were put to work on big cotton fields and on sugar plantations. Why did not Booker go to school? Being a slave boy he had to go to work during day time and hence he did not go to school. Answer the following:

7 . Exercise Match the countries in column ‘A’ with their races in column ‘B’: Column ‘A’Column ‘B’ AfricaDravidian ChinaBlacks IndiaMongolian

8 Exercise Write the opposites of : WordOpposite UnderstandMisunderstand DifficultEasy Cruelkind BuySell WarPeace SuccessfulUnsuccessful EncourageDiscourage FortunateUnfortunate UsefulUseless Satisfiedunsatisfied

9 Exercise People / these / Slaves / years / were / many / for Ans: These people were slaves for many years. Mother / with / in / Booker / Virginia / lived / his Ans: Booker lived with his mother in Virginia Was / think / discouraged / you / he / do / ? Ans: Do you think he was discouraged ? A / established / in / school / he / Tuskegee Ans: He established a school in Tuskegee More / be / they / to / useful / want Ans: They want to be more useful Re-arrange the following words into meaningful sentences:

10 Exercise People having the same original ancestors Ans: Race. The set of letters used in writing a language Ans: Alphabets One who does not know how to read and write Ans: illiterate A trade of buying and selling people Ans: Slavery A shed where horses are kept Ans: Stable Give one word for each of the following:

11 Exercise In the town where Brooker ______ (live) there was no good School. Ans: lived My mother _______ (prepare) some sweets yesterday. Ans: prepared Ramesh ________ (visit) Mysore during Dasara festival. Ans: visited Our teacher _______ (teach) us English well. Ans: taught The Prime minister ______ (inaugurate) this building last year. Ans: inaugurated Re write the correct form of the verbs given in brackets :

12 Exercise Kerala is the most literate state in India No other state in India is as literate as Kerala. Kerala is more literate than any other state in India. No other boy was as successful as Booker. Booker was the most successful boy. Booker was more successful than any other boys. Kemmannagundi is cooler than any other place in Karnataka. Kemmannagundi is the coolest place in Karnataka. No other place in Karnataka is as cool as Kemmannagundi. Gol Gumbaz is the biggest dome in India. No other dome in India is as big as Gol Gumbaz. Gol Gumbaz is bigger than any other dome in India. Sachin Tendulkar is the most popular cricketer in India. No other cricketer is as popular as Sachin Tendulkar in India. Sachin Tendulkar is more popular than any other cricketer in India. Change the following into other degrees:

13 Exercise In spite of all those struggles, Booker came out successful in life. He delivered a speech in front of a large number of people. At the age of 6, I studied in first standard. I am good at playing cricket He walked to school instead of taking the bike. Students long for fluency in English. Use the following phrases in your own sentences: In spite of, in front of, a large number of, at the age of, good at, instead of, long for

14 Exercise Ca’pacityExami’nation Possi’bilityPrepa’ration Punctu’alityNu’trition A’cidityFoun’dation Proba’bilityRo’tation Speak English:

15 Exercise Idol - idleKnot - naught Live - leaveTaught - thought Advice - adviseRead - reed Site - sightDairy - diary Say the following words properly and find out their meanings from a dictionary:

16 Further reading  Read the biographies of leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and other great man who fought against racism.  Up from Slavery (Audio Book) you tube link:

17 Activity  Collect the pictures relating to slavery and try to understand the misery of slaves.

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