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PRESENTER: NAME OF PRESENTER RespectED: Violence & Abuse Prevention.

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1 PRESENTER: NAME OF PRESENTER RespectED: Violence & Abuse Prevention

2 BEYOND THE HURT Dawn Marie Wesley

3 BEYOND THE HURT David Knight

4 BEYOND THE HURT David Knight

5 BEYOND THE HURT David Knight

6 BEYOND THE HURT How often does bullying happen? New stats suggest:  Once every seven seconds in hallways  Once every 25 minutes in the classroom

7 BEYOND THE HURT a. 1 out of 4 b. 1 out of 10 c.1 out of 100 d.1 out of 1000 How many youth have been harassed over a cell phone or on email?

8 BEYOND THE HURT a. It never works. b. It works 25% of the time. c.It works all the time. d.It works 57% of the time and the bullying stops in 10 seconds or less. How often are youth successful in stopping bullying when they stand up and help the person being targeted?

9 The role of power “With great power comes great responsibility.”

10 BEYOND THE HURT What is power? Power is about having choices about who you are and what you do; it is the ability to make something happen. EVERYBODY HAS THE POWER TO EITHER HELP OR HURT OTHERS.


12 Poker Face Follow-up Activity  Take a few minutes to complete the hand out provided to you. BEYOND THE HURT

13 Definition of bullying Bullying is intentionally mean, cruel, hurtful behaviour. It is about using power in a negative way to hurt others.

14 BEYOND THE HURT Bullying can be:  Physical  Verbal  Relational  Cyberbullying

15 Bullying can may not be intentional … BEYOND THE HURT

16 4 steps to stop CYBERBULLYING: 1. STOP – Do not try to reason with or talk to someone who is cyberbullying you. 2. BLOCK: Use the block sender technology to prevent the person from contacting you again. 3. TALK: Tell a trusted adult, inform your school, use a help line and/or report it to police. 4. SAVE: Save any instant messages or emails you receive from the person who is bullying you. News clip

17 Would you say it to their face? BEYOND THE HURT

18 Participants in bullying  Person who bullies  Person who is targeted or victimized  People who are the bystanders or witnesses

19 Rick Mercer’s Rant on Bullying BEYOND THE HURT

20  Harassment is:  similar to bullying because someone hurts another person through cruel, offensive and insulting behaviour  is different in that it is a form of discrimination Definition of harassment

21 BEYOND THE HURT Types of harassment  Harassment of personal characteristics  Racial harassment  Disability harassment  Sexual harassment

22 Harrassment BEYOND THE HURT

23 Discrimination  Treating people differently and badly based on certain characteristics or differences.  What are some of the reasons/ways people in your environment are treated differently?

24 People Discriminate based on many things… BEYOND THE HURT

25 Our human rights It is against our Human Rights laws to treat anyone differently or badly because of: race, ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, disability, pardoned conviction and sexual orientation.

26 BEYOND THE HURT Sexual minority youth  Gay and lesbian youth are bullied, harassed and physically assaulted more than heterosexual youth.  Why do you think this happens?  Do you know what homophobia is?

27 That’s So Gay … BEYOND THE HURT

28 Reasons to STOP bullying and harassment: Youth who are targeted may experience : low self-esteem, anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, problems with relationships, problems with schoolwork, eating disorders, self-cutting/harm, suicide, substance abuse.

29 BEYOND THE HURT If you are bullying or harassing others: S S top the behaviour T T ake responsibility for your actions O O pen your mind to finding new ways of relating positively to others P P revent situations that influence you to bully.

30 BEYOND THE HURT If you are being targeted: A A void being alone with the person who bullies C C all for help T T ake a stand – Tell the person bullying to stop the behaviour Use humour or walk away Do not believe negative bullying messages

31 BEYOND THE HURT If you see someone being bullied or harassed: C C heck the scene for safety A A ffirm the person being targeted and speak up against the bullying R R etreat — and report the situation E E nd the incident by documenting what happened.

32 BEYOND THE HURT Remember: It’s not your fault! You have a right to be treated with respect and feel safe! If you need help, talk to someone you trust. If they don’t help you, tell someone else! You have the power to help stop bullying and harassment!

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