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The Bill of Rights.

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1 The Bill of Rights

2 Bill of Rights The Constitution is not a very long document and was written over 200 years ago. Over time, we have added 27 changes or amendments to it. The first 10 Amendments deal with personal rights and are called the Bill of Rights.

3 1st Amendment Freedom of Expression 5 Freedoms: Religion Speech Press
Speak your mind Press Print your thoughts Assembly Hold meetings Petition Express unhappiness with government

4 2nd Amendment The right to own and carry a weapon

5 3rd Amendment The army cannot force homes to give them room and board

6 4th Amendment I hope he doesn’t ask me for a warrant… Government cannot search or take a person or their property without reason and proper paperwork (warrant)


8 5th Amendment Trial by Jury Double Jeopardy:
Can’t be held in jail without evidence Double Jeopardy: You don’t have to testify against yourself Can’t be tried twice for same crime

9 Double Jeopardy Not this again...

10 Due Process More on the 5th Amendment! Officials can only take away people’s rights, goods, lands, life or freedom according to written and established laws. Promotes fairness Accused must be granted what is “due” to him. Fair legal process Trial by jury Present at trial

11 Due Process The government cannot punish people without acting on the authority of some written law. So the policeman cannot put you in jail just because he doesn't like you, he has to have evidence that you violated a written law and he can only punish you according to the law.

12 6th Amendment If you’re accused of a crime you have the right to:
A speedy trial A lawyer Have witnesses that support you A fair jury (no one is bias or prejudice) Accusations must be in writing and your accuser must testify against you.


14 7th Amendment If someone is getting sued for more than $20, there must be a trial in place to hear the case. Sued for more than $20 = MUST HAVE TRIAL

15 8th Amendment Large fines won’t be set for bail
No cruel or unusual punishments *Bail: a sum of money or property the accused person must give up if he or she fails to return for trial

16 What would we think about Aztec sacrifice?

17 9th Amendment Government can’t take away rights kept by the people

18 10th Amendment Rights of the States
All powers not given to the federal (national) government belong to the states

19 What examples of rights can you find?
Look closely!

20 Life Without the Bill of Rights

21 Right to Assemble (1)

22 Right to Petition (1)

23 Cruel and Unusual Punishment (8)

24 Freedom of the Press (1)

25 Freedom of Religion (1)

26 Occupy Wall Street Watch the following youtube clip which explains the Occupy Wall Street Movement watch?v=235qHnTI8tI Look for different rights being exercised + familiar vocabulary!

27 Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theater
Imagine that it’s a hot summer day and the release of a big blockbuster The movie theater is packed. From the back of the theater someone stands up just before the movie comes on and screams ‘FIRE!’ just to see what happens.

28 Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theater
This particular theater panics. Everyone gets up and tries to get to the exits. People are pushing from the back to get out and crushing the people in the front. By the end of the commotion, 5 people are trampled and killed.

29 Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theater
The police come to the theater and arrest the person that screamed ‘FIRE!’. When the trial begins the person who screamed FIRE claims that they have exercised their freedom of speech and should not be charged with a crime What do you think of this situation?

30 Shouting Fire in a Crowded Theater
In 1919 the Supreme Court decided freedom of speech did not apply if it presented a clear and present danger to the public. The ruling they created has been used many times since

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