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Test Your Reference Knowledge By Mrs. Wilkin By Mrs. Wilkin.

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1 Test Your Reference Knowledge By Mrs. Wilkin By Mrs. Wilkin

2 2 1.If you want to find out where the Indian Ocean is, you should look in (A) a dictionary (B) a thesaurus (C) an atlas (D) a storybook

3 2.This is part of a book’s table of contents. Use it to answer the question.

4 Table of Contents -Chapter One: North America- The Fox and the Raccoon Song of the Mountains…………4 Little Feather Meets Beer….7 -Chapter Two: South America- Kuma and the Big River………10 The Smallest Monkey…………12 Three Tree Frogs……………….15 -Chapter Three: Africa- Marumbi Saves the Day…….18 The Jumping Fish……………….22 Father Lion and His Son…..25 If you are reading page 23, which story are you reading? (A) Song of the Mountains (B) Three Tree Frogs (C) The Jumping Fish (D) Father Lion and His Son

5 3.If you wanted to know the correct spelling of a word, you should look in (A) an atlas (B) a thesaurus (C) a dictionary (D) a storybook

6 4.If you needed to find a synonym for a word, you would look in (A) an atlas (B) a thesaurus (C) a storybook (D) a dictionary

7 5.If you wanted to know the meaning of a word, you would look in (A) a storybook (B) an atlas (C) a thesaurus (D) a dictionary

8 3 6.Which word is an ANTONYM for slow? (A) noisy (B) dull (C) easy (D) quick

9 Here is part of the index from a book about California Indians. Use it to answer questions 7 and 8. C Cahuilla 20-25, 48clothing 60-65, 102 ceremony Coast Miwok See Miwok See also dance Costanoan See Ohlone Chemehuevi 35, Coyote 32-35, 97, 105 chief 15-18, 68, 101 Cupeno Chumash 52-59, 67, Which California Indian tribe will you learn about on page 53? (A) Cahuilla (B) Chemehuevi (C) Chumash (D) Cupeno 8. To learn what California Indians wore, you should turn to page (A) 20. (B) 40. (C) 60. (D) 80.

10 9. Eric wants to learn more about different kinds of starfish. He would find MOST of his information (A)in a telephone book under “starfish.” (B) in the dictionary under “starfish.” (C) under the heading “starfish” in an encyclopedia article. (D) under the word “starfish” in a reference book about word choices.

11 4 10.Read this sentence from “Kapapitoe and the Lizard.” Remaining cruel, the six sisters told him he was too revolting to be seen in their company. Which word is a synonym for revolting? (A) cheerful (B) disgusting (C) wonderful (D) cruel

12 11.Here is an entry from a thesaurus. sturdy, adj. 1. healthy, fit 2. husky, tough 3. well-built, solid, long-lasting 4. stubborn 5. brave, courageous, valiant You can tell from this thesaurus entry that someone who is valiant (A) is wealthy. (B) gives up too easily. (C) has a lot of courage. (D) is in good health.

13 12.Which of these is a synonym for the word harm? (A) accuse (B) mend (C) protect (D) damage

14 13.Read this sentence. Mom inspected my room after I cleaned it. The word inspected contains the Latin root spect. What does spect mean? (A) use (B) look (C) take (D) need

15 14. Read this sentence. The construction of the house will be completed next month. The Latin root “struct” in the word construction means (A) measure. (B) build. (C) study. (D) shape.

16 15.IF Carrie quotes an article when writing her report, her bibliography should include all of these except the (A) title of the article. (B) page number of the article. (C) author who wrote the article. (D) date she read the article.

17 16.David has found a magazine called Timepieces. Where should he look to see if there are any articles on Swiss clock towers? (A) the list of editors’ names (B) the table of contents (C) the title page (D) the Letters to the Editor section

18 17.Jasmine might use these sentences in her essay. The beaches in our area were once clean. They are not clean anymore. Clean adj. 1. pure, unspoiled, spotless. 2. even, regular. 3. thorough, complete. 4. honest, fair. In the second sentence, Jasmine wants to replace clean with a synonym. Which word should she use? (A) complete (B) even (C) unspoiled (D) honest

19 18.Which of the following Internet keywords would best help someone find more information about other basic folds used in origami? (A) origami history (B) origami animals (C) simple origami (D) origami paper

20 24.If you wanted to know what the fastest animal in the world is, the best book to use would be (A) an atlas (B) a thesaurus (C) an encyclopedia (D) an almanac

21 25.If you needed to find a current event, you would look in (A) an encyclopedia (B) a thesaurus (C) a newspaper (D) an atlas

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