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Hitler's Operation Camps

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1 Hitler's Operation Camps
By: Sandy S.

2 What were the Nazis Camps?
A Nazis camp is where all the Jewish people were taken and were tortured to death. Generally, the camps existed just to diminish all the Jewish people. This act of killing all of one kind is called genocide. This idea of genocide was started by Hitler.

3 Introduction to Operation Camps
In Hitler’s Camps, they did many terrible things to the prisoners. One of them was to operate on live patients and experimenting on them. There were at least 13 operation camps that did operations on human beings.

4 Why Operate? The reason why Hitler invented operation camps is to research cures and to find the way to treat injured soldiers.He used the Jewish prisoners like animals and tested chemicals on them like scientists used laboratory mice. To Hitler, it was a more useful way to torture and kill the Jewish people.

5 Operation camp names Auschwitz Belzec Buchenwald
Chelmno Dachau Gross - Rosen Maidanck Mauthausen Neuengamme Ravensbruck Sachsenhausen Treblinka T-4 Killing Centers

6 Auschwitz At this camp, live vivisections(surgery), blood experiments, artificially injected typhus(a kind of disease that affects the brain), hepatitis experiments, starvation and then removal of organs were performed on the prisoners. Doctors even tried to turn brown eyed people into blue eyed by injecting chemicals into their eyes. This camp was one of the worst camps of all and did the most experiments on people.

7 Buchenwald This camp performed operations like skinning their prisoners for their tattoos, experiments on the liver and also making unnecessarily operations and amputations. They did things that were very cruel and inhuman like burning the prisoners and then injecting poison into their wounds.

8 Dachau The last camp we are going to talk about is Dachau. In this camp, they threw prisoners into freezing water, experimenting on how long they will last, then pulling them out again to see if they could revive them. The patients were experimented on more than once. Imagine having to go through more than one of these horrific experiments and being treated like they were unworthy to live.

9 Hitler’s intention Hitler wanted everyone to have blue eyes and blonde hair. The Jewish people obviously did not have either of those. Hitler was unwilling to accept the fact that everyone is different and that he had to learn to get along with them. In some people’s point of view, he may be considered a terrorist. A terrorist is someone who attack for political or religious reasons and terrify innocent people as a threat to get what they want. One thing for certain is, what he did was cruel and wrong.

10 Animal experiments What Hitler did to the Jewish people was very similar to what some scientists do to animals in some laboratories. They test new products on animals and see how they would react to them. If the products were not well made enough, the animals may react badly to them, causing anything from skin irritation to death.

11 The Holocaust When people talk about the holocaust, the first thing they think about is the killing of the Jewish. Actually there are also a lot of other holocausts that happened before or after this genocide. One example is the Rwandan Genocide that happened in 1994 in Central Africa. This was the extermination of hundreds of thousands of Tutsis, one of the three native nations of Central Africa. The term holocaust does not only refer to the killing of the Jewish people but to all the other genocides that happened in different countries as well.

12 In conclusion, Hitler managed to convert medical research into genocide, and those are very different things. He sunk to the low levels of killing all of one kind and to the testing of chemicals on humans. In my point of view, not only was he a terrorist, he was also a very racist man who wanted nothing but to wipe the Jewish people out.


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