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Rules Choose a category Select a price Choose the correct answer.

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3 Rules Choose a category Select a price Choose the correct answer

4 NoCategoriesThisTimeAround $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

5 $100 The name of the main character Who is Okonkwo?

6 $200 The name of the wrestler that Okonkwo beats. Who is Amalinze the Cat?

7 $300 In the ultimatum given, the village of Mbaino can either go to war or do THIS. What is deliver a young boy and a virgin woman?

8 $400 THIS event can be described as when the clan members do not engage in any violent acts, so they do not anger the earth goddess and the harvest will be good. What is the Week of Peace?

9 $500 Okonkwo learns THIS from his first attempt at planting yams. What is he could survive anything?

10 $100 The name of the village where the novel takes place. What is Umuofia?

11 $200 The name of Okonkwo’s second wife. Who is Ekwefi?

12 $300 Okonkwo’s tragic flaw is THIS What is his pride and fear of appearing weak?

13 $400 Unoka dies from THIS. What is the swelling of the limbs/stomach?

14 $500 The first Ibo woman joins the white church because of THIS What is to save her unborn twins from being left in the Evil Forest to die?

15 $100 The name of Okonkwo’s son. Who is Nwoye?

16 $200 The name of Okonkwo’s father. Who is Unoka?

17 $300 Out of all of his biological children, Okonkwo is closest with THIS character. Who is Ezinma?

18 $400 It’s another name for a changeling baby. What is an ogbanje?

19 $500 Okonkwo is a cruel man, yet he demonstrates his affection for his family by doing THIS What is staying with Ezinma’s mother at the Agbala shrine the night the priestess Chielo takes Ezinma from her mother’s hut?

20 $100 The name of the character who lives with Okonkwo’s family for three years. Who is Ikemefuna?

21 $200 Although the author describes a fake village, the Ibo culture really existed in this country. What is Nigeria?

22 $300 Okonkwo is advised not to take part in THIS, yet he does so anyway. What is the killing of Ikemefuna?

23 $400 At the end of Part One, Okonkwo and his family are forced to do THIS. What is move to Okonkwo’s maternal village? (Exiled)

24 $500 Okonkwo commits suicide because…. What is he kills a clan member and does not want to be hanged by the white man’s court as well as he knows the ancient traditions of his clan are gone and so it no longer matters how he dies?

25 $100 It’s considered to be the king crop What are yams?

26 $200 Someone from THIS village killed a tribesman’s wife. What is Mbaino?

27 $300 Obierika disagrees with THESE customs A man should be punished for a “female crime” and twins should be killed?

28 $400 At the funeral of Ezeudu, Okonkwo accidentally does THIS. What is shoot and kill Ezeudu’s 16-year old son?

29 $500 The ceremony of the masked men is called THIS. What is the egwugwu ceremony?

30 Final Jeopardy Wager How much do you wager?

31 Final Jeopardy Question Which incident from the story is justified by the following proverb? “As the elders said, if one finger brought oil it soiled the others.” Okonkwo’s banishment for accidentally killing a clan member

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