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Period:7 February 14, 2011. 8 th Amendment – No cruel or unusual Punishment Proposed: 9/25/1789 Ratified : 12/15/1791.

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1 Period:7 February 14, 2011

2 8 th Amendment – No cruel or unusual Punishment Proposed: 9/25/1789 Ratified : 12/15/1791

3 Cruel and unusual punishment Excessive Bail Excessive Fines

4 Cruel and unusual punishment is a statement implying that governments will not force suffering or humiliation on the condemned as punishment for crimes, in spite of their degree of harshness.

5 Fines are charged to someone who does something against the law, this is a form of punishment Bail is cash that an arrested person gives to court to guarantee they will be in court, when directed to

6 The government would give excessive bail or fines because, just for simply not liking a person Giving excessive fines is illegal, thanks to the eighth amendment

7 Hammurabi’s code is “Eye for an Eye” This means however bad your crime is, your punishment will be just as bad. We do not use this way of punishment. Example: If you stab somebody's eye out, the government will force you to loose and eye If you rob a bank, the government would have your hand cut off http://period20910.wikispaces.c om/file/view/clay_tablet_of_law. gif/99811981/clay_tablet_of_law.gif

8 Breaking Wheel Boiling to Death Flaying Stoning Execution by burning content/uploads/2010/03/stoning-hate.jpg PoI4IkOJeg/SeY9AXf- THI/AAAAAAAABYw/TU_8v 2BB6Qs/s320/breaking- wheel.jpg

9 The eight amendment originates from the English Bill of Rights. Without the English Bill of Rights we wouldn’t have our eight amendment

10 Anti-federalists insisted that the constitution have a eight amendment (No Cruel or Unusual Punishment).They were against the constitution without amendments like the eight amendment.

11 Jail Fines Community Service

12 Most Muslim countries, they kill women by burying them up to their necks and stoning them Using “eye for an eye” punishment Stoning Capital Punishment

13 Capital punishment is putting a person to death, it is known as the death penalty Capital punishment is practiced in every society mages-3/electric-chair-1.jpg

14 It is used to kill people today The Furman V Georgia case was about making capital punishment illegal (1972) The Gregg V Georgia case was making capital punishment legal

15 The states decide if they want their state to allow capital punishment. f http://www.mobilitysca ges/vertical/so- goverment.jpg

16 ages/Topics/Issues/Death_Pen alty/deathpenaltymap(1).gif

17 In New Jersey, (January 2008) the death penalty was repealed. Jon S. Corzine signed into law a measure repealing New Jersey’s death penalty, making the state the first in a generation to put an end to capital punishment. mation/USA/States/New%20Jersey/Welcome %20to%20New%20Jersey.jpg

18 Washington- 9 sentenced 4 killed Wyoming-2 sentenced 1 killed Pennsylvania-226 sentenced 3 killed South Carolina-67 sentenced 37 killed South Dakota-4 sentenced 1 killed Tennessee- 107 sentenced 4 killed Texas-393 sentenced 405 killed Utah-9 sentenced 6 killed Virginia-98 killed Etc.

19 Americans can now not get fined or punished for no reason. a/commons/thumb/e/eb/Fines_doubl e.svg/600px-Fines_double.svg.png

20 Without this amendment the government could do whatever they want to people without reason. The government could go around and fine people, just because they don’t like them. With this amendment people are fined or punished for something they did that was against the law. This amendment protects people from being hurt by the government.

21 I think this amendment is very important to America. When someone breaks the law they get what they deserve, but not excessively. On a rate through 1-10 I give this amendment a 10. I give it a 10 because its so important for people to be secure without the government fining or punishing them for no reason.

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