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Jack & Justin Setting On a farm in the morning.

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3 Jack & Justin

4 Setting On a farm in the morning

5 Characters Little Willy- worried Grandfather - hopeless Doc.Smith-peaceful

6 Summary Grandfather is sick. He is in bed looking at the ceiling. Little Willy went to get Doc. Smith. She thought it was a joke, but it was not.

7 Andrew

8 Setting On a potato farm in Jackson, Wyoming In the month of October

9 Characters Little Willy - determined Searchlight - energetic

10 Summary In chapter 2, Little Willy decides to plant some potatoes and dig them up to pay off Grandfather’s taxes. He wants to sell them to Mr. Leeks. He wants to find some horses to pull the plow but no one lets him borrow a horse. So, he lets Searchlight help pull it.

11 Samantha & Hallie

12 Setting On O On one October day at 6:00.

13 Characters Little Willy- kind Searchlight- brave

14 Summary Little Willy runs errands for Grandfather. Little Willy and Searchlight raced back home. They where trying to beat the clock.

15 Brandon & Travis

16 Setting One afternoon at town square

17 Characters Little Willy is Determined Clifford Snyder is cruel

18 Summary In chapter 4, Clifford Snyder is at the farm and is telling little Willy to pay the taxes. Little Willy is confused. He didn’t know that Grandfather’s taxes were due.

19 Gabrielle & Rachel

20 Setting One winter morning in town

21 Character Little Willy -explorative Search Light - energetic

22 Summary Chapter 5 is about Little Willy trying to find a way to pay off the taxes. Little Willy finds a poster about a dogsled race. Then he finds out how much the race pays if you win. You could win $500.00.

23 By:Aaron And Evan

24 Setting One morning in the mayor’s office.

25 Characters Little Willy is a kind little boy. Searchlight is a helpful dog. Stone Fox is mean and cruel..

26 Summary In chapter six of Stone Fox Little Willy went to the mayor’s office, to sign up for the race, so when he signed up for it he went home and told Grandfather and yet he didn’t do anything.

27 Colin & Ricky

28 Setting One very cold night in the barn.

29 Characters Stone Fox - silent Little Willy - helpful

30 Summary This chapter is about Little Willy meeting Stone Fox. When Little Willy met the Samoyed, Stone Fox came out of the shadow and whacked Little Willy in the face. Little Willy had a HUGE mark on his eye.

31 Ally & Chandra

32 Setting The race in town on Saturday

33 Characters Little Willy -determined Searchlight - energetic

34 Summary In chapter 8, the race started and Little Willy was in the lead. Stone Fox was starting really slow. Everyone was in front of Stone Fox.

35 Marcus & Chad

36 Setting Race day in Jackson Wyoming.

37 Characters Searchlight -happy Little Willy- determined

38 Summary Searchlight and little Willy were in the lead of the race. Searchlight was ahead of everyone.then Stone Fox shot ahead of everybody. I’m little Willy and I’m determined

39 Tarek

40 Setting On a cold afternoon in Jackson, Wyoming

41 Characters Searchlight courageous Stone Fox caring

42 Summary In this chapter, Searchlight, little Willy’s dog, dies when she is racing to get $500 for Grandpa to get better and pay the taxes. Searchlight dies 10 ft. from the finish line and Stone Fox lets little Willy win.

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