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Map Projections By Mr. Melnick.

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1 Map Projections By Mr. Melnick

2 Latitude vs. Longitude 1. Also called parallels
2.  Measure distance North and South 3.  Equator is 0 --> numbers increase the farther you get away from equator 1.  Also called Meridians 2.  Measure distance East and West 3.  Prime Meridian is 0 --> Runs through Greenwich, England 4.  International Date Line 180 degrees


4 Equator Prime Meridian

5 Mercator Projection Most common type of projection
Accurately shows East-West direction Land formations are more distorted as you get farther away from the equator. Mercator Projection

6 Robinson Projection NOT equal area Deformation gets worse away from 0
Meridians curve closer to the poles DOES fit the entire earth on one map

7 Peters Projection Equal area projection
Often used in educational circles does not distort area.

8 Interrupted Projections
Interrupted projections can be tricky. Maps are not "whole" It becomes difficult to navigate the "gaps"

9 Specialized Maps 1. Topography 2. Vegitation 3. Political
2.  Vegitation 3.  Political 4.  Population

10 Points of View All maps tell what is important from the mapmaker's culture. Where is the mapmakers home? What resources are shown? Religious centers are often placed in center.

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