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Movement in the layers.

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1 Movement in the layers

2 Movement in mantle Occurs in asthenosphere Movement is convection Caused by changes in heat and density Less dense More dense

3 Density the number of particles in a substance How tightly packed the particles are Draw example More dense material Will sink Less dense material Will rise or float

4 Convection As mantle is heated by outer core the particles ( atoms and molecules ) move faster and farther apart This movement makes the hot part of the mantle less dense The material will slowly rise toward the crust

5 Convection Mantle material is cooled as it nears the crust This cooling causes the particles in the material to move slower and closer together The cooler material will slowly sink back toward the outer core

6 Convection

7 Convection is a flow of a fluid or air due to heating and cooling IE: Hot air rises. Cold air falls.

8 Convection Current Convection Currents movement within a fluid by heat energy causing them to move in a circular fashion, This material is magma and occurs in the Earth’s mantles asthenosphere

9 Uses of Convection Hot air balloons

10 Boiling water Uses of convections

11 Uses of convection Heating and cooling homes

12 Uses of Convection Weather

13 Convection Currents and Plate Tectonics

14 Animation of Plate movement convection currents experiment - YouTubeconvection currents experiment - YouTube edia/attachment.action?quick=12 p&att=2775 edia/attachment.action?quick=12 p&att=2775 er/flash/convection.htm er/flash/convection.htm

15 Forces within the Earth caused by convection currents Compression – pushing together Convection Currents in asthenosphere Meeting This creates a CONVERGENT plate boundary

16 Forces within the Earth caused by convection currents Convection currents In asthenosphere Moving away Creates a DIVERGENT Plate boundary

17 Shearing - moving side-by- side Forces within the Earth caused by convection currents Convection currents In asthenosphere Side by side create a TRANSFORM plate boundary

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