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Universal Design for Learning: Presenter’s | #UDL (C) CAST 20141.

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1 Universal Design for Learning: Presenter’s Academy @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 20141

2 UDL Connect: For Online Resources & discussions @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 20142

3 #UDL social media CAST UDL Center AIM Center Use Twitter? Use #UDL in your tweets during the workshop! #UDLchat: 1 st & 3 rd Wednesdays of the month, 9-9:30pm ET @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 20143

4 Introductions Grace Meo @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 20144

5 How many years in education? Less than 2 years Between 3 and 10 years Over 10 years Over 20 years! 5@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

6 Who traveled the furthest to get here today? Less than 5 miles, I practically live here! Between 5-15 miles Between 15-30 miles, but felt like farther! Over 30 miles, are you kidding me?! 6@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

7 Where are you in your understanding about UDL? 1 = Just beginning, what does ‘UDL’ even stand for? 2 = I know what UDL stands for 3 = I have done presentations on UDL 4 = Quite familiar, in fact I teach others about UDL 7@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

8 Getting to Know You Scavenger Hunt or Quadrant Partners @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 20148

9 UDL Presenter Academy Goals To support UDL Presenters as they begin to prepare, customize, and deliver the UDL workshop: UDL: Addressing the Variability of ALL learners. Day 1: UDL, Guidelines, hands-on Day 2: Guidelines Continued, Featured Speaker, Lessons Day 3: Lessons, Tools, Application, Featured Speaker, Planning for UDL

10 “UDL: Addressing the Variability of All Learners” Goals Day 1: Build background To learn how UDL addresses challenges of learner variability Day 2: Application To strategize how to apply UDL to practice To build tools & resources @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201410

11 Seen another way: Build Background UDL Guideline s Application Lesson Planning @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201411

12 Seen another way: Variability Context UDL Guideline s Tools & Resources UDL in Practice @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201412

13 This workshop: build awareness @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201413

14 UDL A mindset for designing learning experiences all individuals can gain enthusiasm, knowledge, and skills for learning reduces barriers to the curriculum while maintaining high achievement standards for all @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201414

15 What are your goals? For this workshop For your professional development @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201415

16 Goal: to build collaboration around design @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201416

17 17@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

18 RULES: Tallest freestanding structure Entire marshmallow on top Use as much/little of the contents in bag (not the bag); can break, cut… Have fun, collaborate & be creative @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201418

19 Individually, with Post Its: (2 min) What is one success you noted? What is one change you would make next time? As a team, report one success & one change you would make. 19@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

20 Watch the TED talk (optional) 20@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

21 Why begin with this exercise? Goal driven 21@CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

22 UDL Core concept #1: Goals matter Many goals: CCSS, district, lesson, department, WIDA… Share goals clearly, all understand Consider flexible means to reach goal (UDL) @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201422

23 UDL Core Concept #2: Variability Old view of learning: @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201423

24 Variability @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201424

25 UDL key concept #3: Context matters (environment) @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 2014

26 UDL: Goal, Variability, Context (environment) @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201426 What resonates? What new ideas inspired? What applications can be made? What resonates? What new ideas inspired? What applications can be made?

27 Discuss (write, type, draw, talk about, tweet, etc…) What resonated? Discuss how the goal, variability & context relate to either the shoe or Rubik’s cube. @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201427

28 Questions about 3 key concepts to UDL framework Goals, Variability, Context

29 @CAST_UDL | #UDL (C) CAST 201429

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