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You go to bed earlier (更早) than me. early I go to bed later (更迟) than her /him. late.

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3 You go to bed earlier (更早) than me. early I go to bed later (更迟) than her /him. late

4 Gao Shan goes to bed … (比较级) than Mike. Mike goes to bed … (比较级) than Gao shan.

5 David gets up … (比较级) than Kate. Kate gets up … (比较级) than David.

6 7:00 7:15 Who goes to school earlier, Helen or Nancy ? Helen goes to school earlier than Nancy. Who goes to school later, Helen or Nancy ? Nancy goes to school later than Helen.

7 Her English is good. She studies English well (好). Her English is better ( 更好). She studies English better. Helen studies English better than Nancy. well / good (好) - better (更好)

8 Then you should often read and do more exercise. I like English. I often read English and do much( 许多 ) exercise, so I study English well. Do you want to study English better? more exercise 更多的练习 / 锻炼

9 Let’s learn more Who can do better?

10 Look,read and say 例 : — Does Su Hai skate well? — Yes, she does. But Yang Ling skates better than her. 2 3 1 4

11 — Does Nancy swim slow? — Yes, she does. But Liu Tao swims slower than her. slow slower Look,read and say

12 — Does Su Yang fly the kite low? — Yes, she does. But Su Hai flies the kite lower. lower low Look,read and say

13 — Do Jim and David run fast? — Yes, they do. But Wang Bing and Mike run faster than them. faster fast Look,read and say

14 — Does Mike fly the model plane high? — Yes, he does. But David flies the model plane higher than him. high higher Look,read and say

15 farther far — Does Jim jump far? — Yes, he does. But Liu Tao jumps farther than him. Look,read and say

16 fast slow faster slower well high low better higher lower far early late farther earlier later Can you say?

17 Complete the passage 运用所学副词比较级看图完成短文 Today the children join in different activities. Su Yang flies the kite, but Su Hai flies the kite. Nancy swims, but Liu Tao swims. Mike flies the model plane, but David flies the model plane. low lowerslow slower high higher (参加了不同的活动)

18 Complete the passage 运用所学副词比较级看图完成短文 Jim jumps, but Liu Tao jumps. Su Hai skates, but Yang Ling skates. Jim and David run, but Wang Bing and Mike run. far farther well better fast faster

19 一、写出下列单词的比较级 1.early - ______ 2.late - ______ 3.far - ________ 4.well - ______ 5.many- ______ 6.slow - ______ 二、根据中文意思填空 1. 迈克跑得比刘涛快。 Mike _____ _____ than Liu Tao. 2. 南希跳得比海伦远。 Nancy _____ ______ than Helen. 3. 苏海比苏洋舞跳得好。 Su Hai ______ ______ than Su Yang. earlierlater fartherbetter moreslower runs faster jumps farther dances better Do some exercise

20 1. 抄写 B 部分词汇并默写。 2. 任选三个词用比较级造句。 3. 预习 A 部分。

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