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Lesson 74 The universe and man-made satellite Lecturer 邵海燕.

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3 Lesson 74 The universe and man-made satellite Lecturer 邵海燕



6 . Words and expressions : II. Words and expressions : adj. 人造的,人工的 n. 空间 ;太空 3.spaceship. n. 宇宙飞船 4. so far 到现在为止 5. send up 发射 6. with one’s help 在某人 / 物的帮助下 7.programme n. 节目 8.knowledge n. 知识;学问 9. develop vt. 发展;开发




10 Questions Questions True or false questions : True or false questions : 1.The universe means the earth,the sun,the moon and the stars. ( F ) ( F ) 2.Many of the stars can’t be seen because they are not in the universe. ( F ) 3. We call the moon our satellite. ( T ) 4.Man-made satellites can be used for sending and receiving messages. ( T ) 5.Thanks to the moon, people from different countries understand each other better. (F)

11 Choose the right answer according to the text. 1.In the universe, ______ is our satellite. A.the sun B.the moon C. the earth D.the star 2.Which of the following is not true ? A.The moon has been visited by man. B.Spaceships without people have reached other parts of the universe. C.A lot of countries have sent up man-made satellites into space. D.Man has travelled farther than the moon. B D

12 3.Satellites can be used to ______. A.send and receive messages the earth us make telephone calls to foreign countries D. all of the above 4.Our knowledge of the universe is ____ A. enough B.not growing C. rich D.far from enough 5. The main idea of the passage is ______. A. Man-made satellites can help us in many ways B. man has reached the moon satellites have been sent up into space by many countries D.the world itself is becoming a much smaller place. D A D

13 Answer the following questions then retell the text. 1. What does the universe mean? 2. Can you say something about the moon? 3. Has the moon been visited by man already ? 4. Has any man-made machine travelled farther than the moon? What is it ? 5.What are satellites used for? Can you give an example? 6. What else can satellites do ? 7. Why do we say the world itself is becoming smaller and smaller ?

14 Retell the text according to the following key words: The universe means… The moon …our satellite …travels round… …has been visited … Man-made satellites have been sent up into…by… …are used for helping… …are used for sending and receiving… …makes people …understand … …much better.So we say …is becoming…smaller place.




18 (1). 我家离这儿很远。 ( 2 )宝鸡离我们学校不远。 My home is far away from here. Baoji is not far away from our school.

19 地球环绕着太阳运行。 The earth travels round the sun. travel round =go round =move round.

20 have been +p p has The young trees have been already watered by the old man.

21 eg:1. 到目前为止,我的作业已完成了。 2. 迄今为止,我已去过长城两次。 So far, I have been to the Great Wall twice. So far, my homework has been finished. So far,no man has traveled farther than the moon. so far “ 到目前为止,迄今为止 ”

22 world eg:In the world many space rockets __________________( 发射) have been sent up Man-made satellites have been sent up into space By many countries. send up “ 发射 ” 中国去年发射了一颗人造卫星。 China sent up a man-made satellite last year.

23 他工作一直很努力。 我一直住在这儿。 I live here all the time. all the time “ 一直, 总是 ” He works hard all the time.

24 在小明的帮助下,他准时完成了工作。 在老师的帮助下,我通过了考试。 With Xiaoming’s help, he finished his work on time. With the help of the teacher, I passed the exam.

25 Exercises:Complete the sentences. 1).________( 到目前为止), he has finished all the work. 2)._________________ ( 在老师的帮助下), he passed his English exam. 3).Man-made satellites___________ ( 发射) by man already. 4.).The earth _____________ ( 环绕) the sun. 5).We can never say we have learned enough _________ ( 知识) 6 ).Man-made satellites can be used for sending TV ________ ( 节目). 7).We call the moon our ________( 卫星). 8).Thanks to space satellites,people from different countries _______ ________ ( 了解) each other better. So far With the teacher’ help have been sent up travels round knowledge programmes satellite understand

26 1. 掌握现在完成时被动语态 的基本结构。 have (has)+been +P P 2. 重点掌握如下词组和短语的 含义和用法。 send up, so far, with one’s help all the time, far away, travel round/move round/go round. Retell the text.


28 That’s all. Thank you.

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