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EProcurement Scotland ICT Service Management Integration Overview Paul Russell.

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1 eProcurement Scotland ICT Service Management Integration Overview Paul Russell

2 ICT Service Management Integration

3 ICT Service Management Integration

4 ICT Service Management Integration

5 ICT Service Management Integration What is Integration ? –“Integration is the method of Transferring specified data between Pecos and a back office finance system” Why Integrate? –Many see integration as a purely technical issue. While it is true that technology provides the mechanism i.e. getting two IT systems to talk to each other, the fundamental issue is “What does my business require?” and “Why is it required?”. With the appropriate integration interface it is possible to transfer data from PECOS into your back-office system. Benefits: –There are many benefits to be gained by Implementing an Integration solution: > There will not be a need to re-key data into your finance system which has already been entered into PECOS > The data which is transferred will be compatible with your finance system, in the correct format, accurate and fully auditable. > By considering the integration options available to you also provides an opportunity to examine existing business processes and analyse the benefits of improving those processes. Options: –Design in-house (Design an interface in-house using your own technical department) –Third Party (Employ a third party to Design a bespoke interface) –Capgemini (Cap have designed interfaces for a number of ePS customers, for example CedAR eFinancials, Oracle 11i, Integra, Coda Dream and Coda Financials) –Do nothing (You can chose to do nothing but none of the benefits that are mentioned above will be realised) More Info: –Contact Paul Russell, ePS (

6 ICT Service Management Integration - Match in PECOS 1.Purchase Orders / Change Orders, Receipts / Returns and Invoices are entered into Pecos by the user and 3 way matched in Pecos. 2.Invoices are passed through the integration model and into the Finance System for payment to the Supplier.

7 Integration – Receipt & PO Only – Match in Finance System ICT Service Management 1.Purchase Orders / Change Orders and Receipts / Returns are entered into Pecos by the user. 2.Purchase Orders / Change Orders and Receipts / Returns are passed through the integration model and into the Finance System. 3.The invoice is sent by the Supplier to the Finance Department for entry onto the Finance System for 3 way matching. The supplier would then be paid.

8 ICT Service Management Integration Sticking with Standards? Not only must customers consider what sort of integration they need to accomplish to meet their business needs, but the service providers and developers must also select an approach and a product that will fit in with the standards already being used in the enterprise. Unless the company plans to migrate to a different platform and set of standards, the developers should stay with the standards already in use. Staying with common standards such as XML also helps ensure that future integration projects will be somewhat easier to accomplish. ERP providers themselves are helping by adding more open, standards-based interfaces to their products. XML, in particular, may become the common thread for most integration efforts and ERP integration tools. SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and other EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) vendors are working to add more integration capabilities via XML. In addition, since XML is a markup language, it is Web-friendly and plays well in the B2B world. This is timely, since integration efforts are reaching farther and farther outside the enterprise. E-commerce systems are the current exemplars of how business can exploit the Net to develop and automate new business processes and create new markets. More and more, the industry is heading toward XML. XML enables the sending of the content and business logic and semantic data over the Web. XML is booming as an enabling technology for connectors.

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