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a. 335.6 g c. 354.6 g b. 350.6 g d. 356.0 g 39. What is the mass of the rock? Answer: C SOL 6.1.

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2 a. 335.6 g c. 354.6 g b. 350.6 g d. 356.0 g 39. What is the mass of the rock? Answer: C SOL 6.1

3 a. 0.5 cm c. 2.7 cm b. 1.6 cm d. 3.5 cm 40. The picture shows the results of putting a drop of orange ink from a marking pen on a piece of filter paper and allowing the colors in the ink to separate. About how much farther on the filter paper has the yellow pigment moved than the red pigment? Answer: B SOL 6.1

4 a.Mechanical energyc.Electrical energy b.Chemical energyd.Nuclear energy 30. Fossil fuels such as gas, oil, and coal have what kind of energy? Answer: B SOL 6.2

5 a.Mechanicalc.Chemical b.Nucleard.Electrical 28. What type of energy does the windmill use to do work? Answer: A SOL 6.2

6 a.Kineticc.Solar b.Potentiald.Chemical 31. Water stored behind a dam is an example of what type of energy? Answer: B SOL 6.2

7 a.A magnifying glassc.A toaster b.A triple beam balanced.A gas oven 34. Which of the following could best be used to demonstrate energy being transformed from electricity to heat? Answer: C SOL 6.2

8 a. A baseball moving from the pitcher to the catcher c. A pendulum at the top of its swing b. A rock sitting on the top of a large hill d. A new flashlight battery 47. Which of the following is an example of kinetic energy? Answer: A SOL 6.2

9 a. The strength of the wind varies. c. Turbines and generators in the wind machines create electricity. b. Wind machines have huge blades to capture the wind. d. Wind power does not create pollution. 44. Because burning fossil fuels creates much pollution, alternatives are being investigated. What might limit the use of wind as a major energy source? Answer: A SOL 6.2

10 a.are poor conductorsc.reduce evaporation b.block out the sund.promote convection 33. Insulation materials reduce heat loss because they - Answer: A SOL 6.3

11 a. The water evaporated from the fishing gear, and sand was attracted to it. c. The salt in the ocean water reacted with the fishing gear and caused it to rust. b.The fish that were caught left scales on the fishing gear. d.The water evaporated from the fishing gear, and salt from the ocean was left behind. 29. After fishing in the ocean, a student left his fishing gear in the sun to dry. Later, he noticed that small white crystals had formed on the rod, reel, and fishing line. Which of these is the best explanation of what occurred? Answer: D SOL 6.3

12 a. c. 0 b. +1 d. +2 38. The atom is composed of electrons, protons, and neutron. What is the electric charge on the neutron? Answer: C SOL 6.4

13 a. is sucked upward by vacuum c. is compressed by air pressure b. expands when heated d. increases in density when heated 43. Mercury is a liquid metal that is used in many thermometers. The mercury in the thermometer rises because it - Answer: B SOL 6.4

14 a.Rusting ironc.Tarnishing silver b.Burning coald.Melting ice 32. Which process is a physical change? Answer: D SOL 6.4

15 a. Nitrogen blongs to the halogen family. c. Calcium belongs to the alkali family. b. Helium belongs to the noble gas family. d. Sodium belongs to the alkaline earth family. 37. Which of the following elements belongs to the family indicated? Answer: B SOL 6.4

16 a. The number of nitrogen and hydrogen atoms in each molecule of ammonia c. The number of ammonia molecules that will bond together b.The number of hydrogen atoms in each molecule of ammonia d.The number of nitrogen atoms in each molecule of ammonia 26. In the chemical formula for ammonia, NH 3, what does the subscript 3 represent? Answer: B SOL 6.4

17 a. Ductile, can be drawn into wire c. Readily reacts with water to form an acid b. Liquid at room temperature d. Readily reacts with oxygen 45. Which of the following is a physical property of copper? Answer: A SOL 6.4

18 a. A lake freezes solid. c. A copper bar is rolled into a flat sheet. b. Gravel, sand, and water are mixed. d. Vinegar bubbles when baking soda is added. 48. Which of these is a change in chemical composition? Answer: D SOL 6.4

19 a. Removing heat from the water c. Adding salt to the water b. Stirring the water d. Putting the water in the sunlight 36. Which of these will cause water to change to ice? Answer: A SOL 6.5

20 a. 1 c. 3 b. 2 d. 4 46. At which of these points is it 12:00 noon? Answer: D SOL 6.8

21 a. Earth c. Mercury b. Mars d. Venus 49. According to this chart, which planet will most likely have the highest temperatures? Answer: C SOL 6.8

22 a. year c. month b. season d. day 50. The time in which Earth makes one revolution around the sun is approximately on - Answer: A SOL 6.8

23 a. Telescope c. Camera b. Microscope d. Geiger counter 41. The science of astronomy is concerned with the observation and analysis of the movements of celestial objects. The invention of which instrument was most helpful to the advancement of astronomy? Answer: A SOL 6.8

24 a.Venusc.Mars b.The moond.The sun 35. Venus, the moon, Mars, and the sun are all visible in our sky. All but one of these reflect light from another source. Which of the following produces its own light? Answer: D SOL 6.8

25 a.Earthc.Neptune b.Jupiterd.Saturn 27. According to the chart, on which planet would a ball fall the fastest? Answer: B SOL 6.8

26 a. There are only limited supplies of oil in the Earth. c. Burning oil contributes to acid rain and the greenhouse effect. b. Oil spills at sea have killed many marine animals. d. Oil was created by plants and animals. 42. There are many reasons why the use of oil needs to be managed carefully. Which of the following is not one of these reasons? Answer: D SOL 6.9

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