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The Ohio Transfer Module Meets CLEP: Taking Your Students Farther College-Level Examination Program ® (CLEP ® )

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1 The Ohio Transfer Module Meets CLEP: Taking Your Students Farther College-Level Examination Program ® (CLEP ® )

2 What Is CLEP? What Is CLEP?  Credit-by-examination program serving a diverse group of students, including adults, non-traditional learners, and military service members  More than seven million exams taken since 1967  1,700+ colleges administer CLEP  211,000 exams administered in 2009–10, including 76,500 administered to military service members  Exam fee = $77.00

3 CLEP Core Purposes CLEP allows students to demonstrate acquired mastery of college-level course content. CLEP allows students to translate knowledge into college credit, commonly recognized by qualifying scores in the program’s 33 exams. CLEP allows diverse groups, including adult students, non- traditional learners, and military service members to save time and money as they pursue a college degree.

4 About the CLEP Exams Structure  33 computer-based exams.  Mostly multiple-choice, essays, and listening sections for foreign languages  Most are approximately 90 minutes in length. Scoring  “Rights-only” scoring (no penalty for wrong answers).  Immediate score reports (except exams with essays).  Scores based on American Council of Education (ACE) recommendations for credit-granting. Development  More than 600 faculty contribute to the development of and standard-setting for CLEP examinations.  Standing faculty committees oversee ongoing test development, shape content, review data, set exam policies.  Opportunities to participate in College Board ACES Placement Validity studies.

5 33 CLEP Examinations Composition and Literature  American Literature  Analyzing and Interpreting Literature  College Composition  College Composition Modular  English Literature  Humanities History and Social Sciences  American Government  History of the United States I  History of the United States II  Human Growth and Development  Introduction to Educational Psychology  Principles of Macroeconomics  Principles of Microeconomics  Introductory Psychology  Introductory Sociology  Social Sciences and History  Western Civilization I  Western Civilization II Business  Information Systems and Computer Applications  Principles of Management  Financial Accounting  Introductory Business Law  Principles of Marketing Science and Mathematics  Calculus  College Algebra  Precalculus  College Mathematics  Biology  Chemistry  Natural Sciences Foreign Languages  French Language  German Language  Spanish Language

6 Highest Volume CLEP Exams Exams Administered to National and Military Candidates, 2008-09 *Freshman College Composition, English Composition with and without Essay

7 Most Popular Exams Taken in Ohio 2009-2010

8 Who Takes CLEP?  Adults returning to college  Military service members and veterans  Students who are fluent in Spanish, French, or German  Students at risk or struggling with finances  Students with high SAT or ACT scores and homeschooled  Juniors or seniors who have not met lower-division requirements  Transfer students  International students needing to translate overseas credit

9 CLEP for Military and Veterans  Ohio, 89 institutions - Military Friendly Schools for 2011  CLEP exams are free for eligible active military service members!  Nearly 77,000 funded CLEP exams were administered to military.  Military veterans may seek reimbursement from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for exam costs and fees.  The Service Opportunity Colleges (SOC) recognizes veteran-friendly institutions, who award credit for CLEP.

10 CLEP Makes a Difference to Students 91% said CLEP made a difference in their ability to complete their degrees 70% said CLEP made a difference in their ability to finance their degrees 2004 Survey of Students

11 Students Say… “Taking CLEP exams has helped me save a lot of time and money. I used help me keep moving toward graduation and graduate school.” Benjamin Holler University of Texas at San Antonio Class of 2010

12 2008 Survey of National Test Takers 70% are working full- or part-time 45% are first-generation college students 45% have taken an online course

13 Age Group Age Group Exams Administered to National Candidates, 2009-10

14 Education Level Education Level Exams Administered to National Candidates, 2009-10

15 Advising Students about CLEP Connect your students to CLEP! Easy to follow steps: 1. Review Campus credit-by-exam policy. 2. Talk to your advisor. Determine how CLEP will fit with your academic plan and degree program. 3. Identify which exam(s) to take. 4. Locate a CLEP test center by visiting: 5. Schedule an appointment with the test center. 6. Prepare/review for the exam. 7. Take the exam. 8. Count the money you saved on tuition and textbook costs!

16 Students Registrar’s Office Test Center Faculty & Advisers Admissions Office Adult &/or Veterans Office Connecting Students to CLEP on Your Campus

17 CLEP Test Prep for Students CLEP prep center provides links to free online resources and textbook suggestions CLEP Official Study Guide, covering all 33 exams Downloadable study guides for each exam

18 Colleges Say… “Students gain several important benefits when they secure academic credit through CLEP. One benefit is simple math: credits earned reduce the number of credits for which students will pay to complete a degree. CLEP also allows for flexibility in course scheduling, which may make new academic areas possible for students to explore. CLEP builds confidence by helping students know they can succeed.” Tally Hart Senior Advisor for Economic Access The Ohio State University

19 CLEP Benefits Colleges & Universities Success CLEP candidates on average earn a half grade point higher in the subsequent course than do non-exempted students. Access CLEP makes it easier for financially strapped students to afford tuition and fees. Retention By accurately placing prepared, engaged and motivated students, CLEP helps create a more dynamic classroom experience and increases retention rates. Rigor and Relevance Test development processes and faculty involvement (600+ faculty) ensure CLEP examination content and standards are comparable to those of introductory college courses.

20 Where can I find more information about the College Level Examination Program? Check out the College Board CLEP website to find out-  How to prepare?  What do the exams cover?  Where to test?  How to order a transcript for scores?  Which colleges accept CLEP for credit?

21 CLEP Services for Students and Colleges CLEP website for professionals: – Information on test development, administering CLEP exams, advising students, self-paced CLEP 101 tutorials CLEP website for students: – Exam descriptions, test prep information, test center search, transcript request forms Order form for free publications for students:

22 Contacts Jonell Sanchez, Senior Director of College Initiatives Pamela Kerouac, Senior Assessment Manager Kathie Montognese, Senior Assessment Manager

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