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Surrey Public Library Electronic Classrooms Mousing Matters.

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2 Surrey Public Library Electronic Classrooms Mousing Matters

3  A mouse is a pointing device that allows you to select objects on the screen. What is a Mouse?

4 Holding a Mouse  Thumb rests on the left side of the mouse.  Index finger rests on the left button.  Middle finger rests on the right button.

5 Types of Mice  Ball Mouse – Features a rubber ball placed at the bottom of the mouse.

6 Types of Mice  Optical Mouse -- Instead of a ball, it has a low-power laser light underneath it.

7 Types of Mice  Wireless Mouse -- Makes use of infrared signals to connect to your computer.

8 Types of Mice  Trackballs – The ball is on top of the device.

9 Types of Mice  Track Pad – A small square near the bottom of keyboard on a laptop computer.

10 Types of Mice  Wheel Mouse – The wheel is an additional accessory placed between two buttons found in a mouse.

11 Mouse Accessories  Mouse Pad – Improves performance and protects the mouse.

12 Mouse Accessories  Mouse Skates – Sticking to the bottom of the mouse which can make the moving easier and smoother.

13 Mouse Accessories  Mouse Bungee – Raises the mouse cord so that it will not get snagged by other cables or objects in the desk.

14 Mouse Clicking  A – Left Clicking  B – Right Clicking  C – Scrolling  D – Reach out and grasp the mouse as you were shaking hands.

15 Adjusting the Mouse Speed  From the Start menu, choose Settings, Control Panel.  Double click the mouse icon in the control panel.  Drag the double click speed slider to the point that represents how fast you double-click.  Double click the jack-in- the-box. If he doesn’t pop out, you’ve set your speed too fast.

16 Learning Activities  Follow this link  224CEA488E37/0/MousingMatterswebsites.pdf 224CEA488E37/0/MousingMatterswebsites.pdf  When you click on the link the document will be at the bottom of your screen after the presentation has ended  Activity 1 – Clicking and Placing of a Mouse  Activity 2 – Scroll Bars / Check Boxes / Drop Down Menus / Text Boxes  Activity 3 – Click and Drag  Activity 4 – Windows Paint Program

17 Conclusion Thank You

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