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12 January 21,2010 ABC Partners, LLC 123 Anystreet Anytown, MI 12345 RE: 54321 Rental Home St. Dear Property Owner: In November 2000, the City Council of Inkster adopted a new Rental Inspection Ordinance (copy enclosed). This ordinance requires that all rental dwellings located within the City of Inkster be inspected every two years and made to conform to the adopted maintenance standards. This program was effective December 6, 2000. Attached is an application for registration of your property along with a copy of the proposed inspection checklist and an itemized explanation of potential violations. Please take time to review both lists and check your property for items that may be considered unsatisfactory. The intent of the program is not to cause unnecessary hardship to property owners, but to maintain the quality of housing that has existed in the City of Inkster for many years. It is your responsibility as a landlord to complete the application and register your property with the Building Division. The enclosed application must be completed and all fees paid to the City of Inkster Structural Safety/Building Division within ninety (90) days receipt of this letter. This will allow properties to be scheduled for the required inspection by one of the inspectors from Cityworks Management. Once your property has been inspected and made to comply with the standards of the ordinance a Certificate of Compliance will be issued by the City of Inkster. If this letter has been sent to you in error because this property address is your primary residence, please complete the affidavit on the reverse side of the application and return to Cityworks Management. We are positive that all property owners are interested in preserving the quality of the housing environment in Inkster to insure the continued appreciation of property values. However, penalties have been included in the ordinance and failure to comply with the requirements of the ordinance could result in a fine of up to $500.00 and/or ninety (90) days in jail. Any questions concerning this program should be addressed directly to Cityworks Management, the managing agent acting on behalf of the City of Inkster at: Cityworks Management TM 42015 Ford Rd., #275 Canton, Michigan 48187 Office: (800) 873-0533, E-Mail: Thank you for your continued support of the City of Inkster and we look forward to working with you in the near future. Sincerely, Cityworks Management SAMPLE FIRST NOTICE

13 PRE-INSPECTION CHECK LIST FOR CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE STRUCTURAL AND MAINTENANCE (Interior and Exterior): [ ] 1.Chimney: Check for deteriorating or crumbling tops missing or deteriorated mortar joints, and screen cover (1/2” galvanized mesh to extend at least 6” above flue liner). [ ] 2.Roof: Check for leaks, missing shingles and/or small holes that allow the wood to rot underneath causing a structural hazard. [ ] 3.Gutters: Check that gutter is not sagging or pulling away from fascia board; galvanized type must be painted to retard rust; and that gutters and downspouts do not contain holes or leaking joints. [ ] 4.Entrance porches and Dust Porches: Wood – Check for any structural problems, deteriorated decking, deteriorated or missing railing, unpainted wood steps which would permit rot or heaving. Concrete and/or Brickwork – Check for any structural or other significant cracks requiring tuck pointing or repair, excessive settlement, spalling, or tipping affecting safety. CHECKLIST FOR CERTIFICATION

14 LANDLORD REGISTRATION CITY OF INKSTER, 2121 INKSTER ROAD, INKSTER, MICHIGAN 48141-1800 LANDLORD REGISTRATIONAND APPLICATION FOR A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY AS A RENTAL STRUCTURE RENTAL ADDRESS: ___________________SIDWELL: _____________NUMBER OF UNITS: ____RESIDENTIAL____ COMMERCIAL _____ OWNER INFORMATION Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________State: ____________________________________________Zip: ________________ Phone #1: _______________________________Phone #2: _______________________________Fax: ___________________________ Driver’s License Number: __________________________________________ E-Mail Address: ______________________________________ AGENT INFORMATION (If Applicable) Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City: __________________________________________State: ___________________________________Zip: ________________ Day Phone:_________________________________________Evening Phone: _______________________________________________ Driver’s License Number: ________________________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________________________ Signature of (Check One) ______Owner _______Agent Please Print Name Signed _________________________________ Date ________ PROPERTY INSPECTION FEE’S INSPECTIONS: Single Family Dwelling.…$150.00 X # _____ Unit = $_____ Multi Family Dwelling *(Separate Owners)....$150.00 X # ____ Unit = $_______ Multi Family Dwelling *(One Owner)…$150.00 X (1st Unit Only)= $____ Each Addt’l Unit *(Same Building)…$50.00 X # ____ Units = $______ Total Inspections Cost = $_______ *A separate application must be completed for each building address. CONTINGENT FEES: Scheduled inspections not canceled by 4:30 PM the day prior to your appointed time..$30.00 Per Unit. All re-inspections beyond the second inspection of the same dwelling unit $20.00each Date Paid ___________________________________ Receipt # ________________________________ If the property has been sold, you must supply the Building Department with a copy of the recorded Land Contract or Deed to have your name removed from our records. If this property is your primary residence and should not be classified as a rental, please complete the form on the reverse side of this application and return to Cityworks Management (248) 750-1189. SAMPLE

15 AFFIDAVIT STATE OF MICHIGAN) )SS COUNTY OF WAYNE) ___________________________ being duly sworn, deposes and says as follows: That I am the owner of certain property located at ____________________ Inkster, Michigan. That I have owned this property since _______________. That I am aware of the City of Inkster Ordinance regulating the REGISTRATION AND INSPECTION OF RENTAL DWELLINGS thereof, Ordinance No. 788. That the premises located at _________________________, Inkster, Michigan is not currently being used as a Rental Dwelling and will not be used as Rental Dwelling in the immediate future. That these premises are occupied by (Include names of all individuals living at address): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That I will comply with the requirements of Ordinance No. 788 immediately upon the entry of an oral or written lease for tenancy of the above- captioned premises. That a failure to comply is in violation of Ordinance No. 788 and I made this Affidavit for the purpose of securing a temporary exemption from the provisions therein. IN THE WITNESS WHEREOF, under the penalties of perjury I hereby affix my signature this ____ day of ________________, 20 _______. __________________________________________ Affiant __________________________________________ Street Address __________________________________________ City, State & Zip Code __________________________________________ Phone Number STATE OF MICHIGAN) )SS COUNTY OF WAYNE ) On this __________ day of ________________, 20 _______, personally appeared ______________________________, affiant in the above matter, who being first duly sworn, deposes and says the (he/she) has read the foregoing Affidavit of Non-Rental by (him/her) subscribed, that (he/she) knows the contents thereof and that the same is true of (his/her) own knowledge, except as those matters therein stated to be based upon information and belief, and as to those matters, he believes same to be true. ________________________________My commission expires: ____________ Notary Public, Wayne County, Michigan CITY OF INKSTER 2121 Inkster Road, Inkster, MI 48141 Building Division AFFIDAVIT OF NON-RENTAL SAMPLE

16 ReportHost Report Writing System in partnership with Cityworks Management TM Customized mobile software for recording rental property inspection findings in the field Reports are published and stored on the ReportHost website

17 ReportHost Reports High quality, easy to read, with graphic icons that identify action needed or required Text can include building code excerpts, web links, and more

18 THE RESULTS THE CITY OF MOBILE will systematically rid or protect itself from the negative impact of negligent and “absentee landlords.” Neighborhood beautification will occur and property values will keep pace, if not increase, with inflation. Safer properties creating fewer fire hazards resulting in lives saved and homes protected. THE CITY OF MOBILE could generate more than $250,000 in annual net income from the implementation of this program.

19 CITYWORKSMGT.COM 800-873-0533

20 The information contained herein is the sole and exclusive property of Cityworks Management TM. The content of this presentation contains intellectual property and other related business activities. The use of information contained herein, without the specific permission of Cityworks Management TM is strictly prohibited. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringements, include infringements without monetary gain, is investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and is punishable by five (5) years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.00. No information is to be relied upon except as to specific representations made by the authorized representatives of the individual companies. LEGAL NOTICE & DISCLAIMER


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