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1.2.2 Design Charette By: C.J. Wyatt David Panyathong

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1 1.2.2 Design Charette By: C.J. Wyatt David Panyathong
Amber Dannemiller Owen Sill Donald Jacobson Jesse Sopko

2 Scenario C- It has been decided that a two mile long bridge must be constructed to connect two areas along a coast. Officials believe this will promote tourism because it will connect two areas that are currently separated by a 30 minute drive. This bridge will span a wetland where the tides come in and out. Typically at a low tide much of the area is dry; however, a narrow channel remains navigable by small vessels except at extremely low tides. The average tidal range is around five feet. The development should also include a small community boat ramp, dock, and public facilities.

3 The 2 Mile Long Bridge The measurement of the length of the bridge is close to – 2.25 miles long (Driving length) Materials- Steel, Concrete, Water, Nuts&Bolts, Rebar.



6 Differences in Bridge Designs
We overall chose our previous slide's design, but we had differences in the overall design. Some of us wanted to use a “draw bridge” for boats going underneath the bridge so there would be an unlimited height in what size boats could go underneath. That would overall slow down traffic because its a one lane bridge plus the “draw bridge” would make it even slower causing back ups.

7 Individual Job Amber – Environmental Engineer
Makes sure the bridge is safe for the environment C.J. - Cost Estimator Budgets the job, estimates the overall cost of the job. Jesse – Bridge Inspector/ Code Enforcement Inspects the bridge, makes sure it's safe Donald – Structural Engineer Designs/Tests the overall bridge before the actual bridge is built. Owen – Construction Manager Keeps the job under budget, directs the workers. David – Urban Planner Decides location and how it affects the community.

8 Concept map

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