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PMH - Forklift Safety Avoid the following:

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1 PMH - Forklift Safety Avoid the following:
driving with loads elevated standing underneath elevated loads parking your vehicle with the forks elevated picking up loads in excess of the vehicles capacity operating a vehicle without proper training giving rides to unauthorized persons smoking while battery is being charged operating the vehicle in a manner other then intended by the manufacturer

2 Don’t overload your truck !
Your truck can be overloaded in different ways By exceeding its maximum load carry capacity By picking up loads outside of the specified load center

3 Always take care to look in the direction of travel !
It’s important that you get to your destination rapidly - but safely.

4 Slow down for curves ! Your vehicle is NOT a race car.

5 Apply brakes gently and carefully !
You may otherwise travel where no man has gone before.

6 When traveling on an incline - back down with the load trailing
Reverse travel is also recommended where forward vision is impaired by bulky loads.

7 Only travel on surfaces with sufficient load carrying capacity !
Know the weight of your vehicle and load.

8 Observe all posted instructions and signals !
When approaching an intersection - proceed with caution.

9 Attention ! NEVER place your head, arms or legs outside of the vehicle confines.

10 Observe all overhead obstructions !
Convince yourself that doorways and obstructions are sufficiently high. Always travel with forks lowered.

11 Don’t let the fork tips strike any objects !
Damage to equipment and product may have a dangerous result.

12 Never travel with forks elevated !
Travel in designated areas only avoid pedestrian traffic. Travel permitted while storing or retrieving loads only at reduced speeds

13 Visually inspect working area !
Care should be taken when operating hydraulic features CAUTION - while lowering forks There might be someone underneath them.

14 Don’t pass underneath elevated forks !
Raised forks represent danger to all.

15 A common cause of INJURY !
Never place arms, legs or head between the mast upright channels.

16 Remember, your truck is no taxi !
It is NOT permitted to transport people

17 Be ALERT ! Operation of heavy equipment is serious business
Dreaming and lack of attention involve danger. Never use an open flame or smoke while charging a battery.

18 Fundamental Rules of Safety
Orlando, Fl Phone (407) FAX (407) Exit

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