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Klein Forest High School

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1 Klein Forest High School
Discipline PowerPoint

2 Administrators Principal Mrs. Crittendon
Associate Principal Ms. Murphy Associate Principal Mrs. Nance Assistant Principal Dr. Fielder Assistant Principal Mrs. Bruton

3 House Administrators House 1 Principal Mr. Moore
House 2 Principal Mrs. Watson House 3 Principal Mr. Bond House 4 Principal Mrs. Bostick House 5 Principal Mrs. Robinson

4 House Administrators House 6 Principal Mr. Lewis
House 7 Principal Mr. Woods House 8 Principal Mr. Fields House 9 Principal Mrs. Malveaux Dean of ELL Mr. Sedlacek

5 Student Handbook KISD school board policy directs all attendance and discipline decisions. Policy can be found in the student handbook. All students have access to the handbook online or by hard copy request. The handbook is linked to the school website.

6 Student ID You must carry your student ID on you at all times.
You MUST present your ID when you obtain a tardy pass, check out a library book or purchase lunch.

7 Attendance State law says that in order to receive credit you cannot miss more than 9 days of school each semester. With more than 9 absences you may be denied credit. You never know when something is going to happen, so do not use your absences unless you must.

8 Tardies You are given 3 “free” tardies for each six weeks.
Tardies for all classes are combined. Tardy passes can only be obtained from YOUR house office.

9 Tardy Discipline 4th tardy = 1 Solitude Lunch Detention
6th Tardy = Saturday School Assignment 8th tardy = 1 Day ISS Each additional tardy = Non Compliant Behavior Resulting in Additional ISS Days Failure to attend lunch detention = Non Compliant Behavior

10 Dress Code No shirts with inappropriate slogans/advertisements or that infer inappropriate conduct (drugs, alcohol). No chains or distracting jewelry. No piercing other than ears. Females-no spaghetti straps—straps must be at least 2”. Males-no sleeveless athletic shirts No bare midriffs, shirts must cover the waist band of pants or skirt. No bandanas or knit caps No sagging pants

11 Dress Code Continued Skirts and shorts must be no shorter than mid-thigh, EVEN with legging underneath. Unnatural or distracting hair colors or styles are not permitted. You will be asked to wash it out of your hair. No head scarves or coverings. Gentleman must be clean-shaven. Sideburns should be no longer than your earlobe. You will be asked to shave using school products. Refusal to shave will result in ISS or OSS placement. Parent will be notified. If dress code violations are major or repeated, you will be disciplined.


13 Discipline Lunch Detention – held during your assigned lunch period. Lunch will be eaten in the detention room “405A” If you miss Lunch Detention, you will follow the discipline ladder Saturday Detention: 8:30am – 12:00pm; Rm405A If you miss Saturday detention, you will receive 1 day ISS

14 Discipline In-School Suspension— ISS Located in the T Building 6
Work is sent to you from teachers Lunch is eaten in the ISS room Socializing is strictly prohibited

15 Discipline Out-of-School Suspension You may not get assignments early
You CAN NOT attend after school functions. If you are found on campus, you are may be ticketed for trespassing.

16 2nd Semester Exemptions
1st Semester/2nd Semester=No more than 4 absences 1st Semester Passing Grade/2nd Semester 80 average in that class No ‘P’s or ‘U’s in conduct No Discipline regarding attendance No ISS placement

17 Discipline If an adult on this campus asks you to do something, please comply with their request. Do not argue with that person. If you do, you will be subject to disciplinary action. If you do not agree with the request, please follow the directions at the time, and then see your House Principal to discuss the problem.

18 ALL Will be confiscated and held in the Klein Forest vault until
IPODs, MP3 players, CD players, Ear Phones, Cameras & Games Will be confiscated and held in the Klein Forest vault until a $15.00 fine is paid. Students may pick up the devices before or after school.

19 CELL PHONES Cell phone must be off after 7:25 in the morning and can be turned back on after the 2:25 bell rings. Phones should be completely out of sight. No Excuses! Your computer has a clock!

20 Every faculty and staff
CELL PHONES Every faculty and staff member in the building can confiscate your phone if you are violating cell phone usage policy.

21 Phones are locked in the Klein Forest Vault.
CELL PHONES Phones are locked in the Klein Forest Vault. To get your phone back Pay $15.00 fine Only released before or after school in the finance office.

22 Discipline Profanity:
Watch what you say in class and in the hallways. If you are caught using profanity in school, you will be subject to school discipline and a possible citation.

23 Discipline Tobacco/Tobacco Products—Minimum of 3 days ISS and citation is issued if found in possession of products in school or at any school function. Fighting—if someone is bothering you, you must report it to an administrator. If you fight, you will receive ISS/OSS, a citation, and possible arrest/ alternative school depending on severity. If a fight occurs, 2 questions will be asked. 1. What school official did you ask for help? 2. What did you do to prevent the fight?

24 Office Procedures Any time you are called down to or visit any office, make sure you sign in and out of that office! This is your proof of attendance. Without proof you can be considered truant. If there is ever a question about where you were during a certain time, school personnel refer to those sign-in sheets to verify your whereabouts.

25 PASS Procedures You must have a pass whenever you are out of your classroom during class time. The only permitted passes are an office request or a written pass from your teacher carried on the specific floor’s clip board. 1st Floor (Green), 2nd Floor (Blue) and 3rd Floor (Orange)

26 Medications Prescription medications must be delivered to the school clinic by a student’s parent or guardian. No medicine will be sent home with the student. You may have over-the-counter medication for colds and allergies in your possession as long as it is in the original container. Consumption can only take place in the clinic. Do not accept any type of medication from anybody.

27 Lockers Only students without holds/fines and that have turned their AGR cards will be issued a locker See House Principal to receive locker assignment Only school issued locks are allowed on lockers Locks are sold in the financial office for $5.00

28 Searches Extended searches in the parking lot-These are random, and we will ask you to pull your car over while an Interquest dog examines it. Metal detectors - We will visit different classrooms at various times and wand you and your belongings. If it goes off, you and your belongings are subject to further search.

29 SEARCHES Out of area - Anywhere you are not supposed to be, you open yourself to a possible search.

30 Illegal Substances Drugs/pills—If you are found in possession of any drugs/pills that are not prescribed to you, or if you are distributing any type of drugs/pills, you will be subject to being placed in alternative school or expelled depending on what you have. For example, Xanax is an expellable offense. Parents are the only ones who should bring prescription drugs to the clinic. Do not accept any medication from anyone.

31 Parking If you drive to school, you must purchase a parking permit.
You must park in your assigned spot each day. If not, you may be subject to disciplinary action. If someone is parking in your space, please see Ms. Franco in the House 7, Room 700.

32 Transportation Bus transportation is a privilege .
For the safety of all individuals on the bus, you must follow all rules. If a bus driver writes a referral for you, there will be consequences.

33 Transportation Consequences
Can be as minor as a warning from campus administration and/or one (1) day bus suspension. OR As major as bus suspension for the remainder of the current school year.

34 Textbooks/ Computer You are responsible for all items issued to you. If you lend someone a book/PC tablet, or if it is lost or stolen, it will be your responsibility to pay for that item. If your book/PC tablet becomes damaged, a fee will be assessed. Cover all books. Book covers are provided free of charge and are available through your teachers. Carry your tablet in its case at all times for its and your protection. Please keep your books in a secure place. Use a lock on your locker to help prevent loss. Keep your PC tablet in your possession at all times. If you would not leave your wallet on the cafeteria table then don’t leave your computer!

35 Laptops - Your laptop should remain in its sleeve unless you are using it. - 1st time - you will receive a warning - 2nd time - you will receive lunch detention

36 Holds & Fines You will not be permitted to purchase tickets attend any school dances or be issued books if you have a financial hold on your record. See Ms. Whiters or Ms. Cummings in the financial office (Front Office) to pay any fines or fees you may owe.

37 Miscellaneous Clubs & Organizations
There are many different clubs and organizations to join. We want you to be involved. If you have an interest in joining an organization, see your Counselor or Assistant Principal. Announcements Please be sure to listen to announcements each day during Eagle’s Nest for important information.

38 Make it a Great Year! It’s a Choice!
Make it a Great Year! It’s a Choice!

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